'Big Shot' star Tisha Custodio says she was 'intimidated' by John Stamos at first, but music helped them bond

'He’s such a big name in Hollywood and I was a little intimidated while filming our first scene together,' Tisha says about John Stamos

                             'Big Shot' star Tisha Custodio says she was 'intimidated' by John Stamos at first, but music helped them bond
Tisha Custodio stars in 'Big Shot' on Disney Plus (Ryan West)

The show may be called 'Big Shot', but one character on the John Stamos-starring show is a testament to the fact that size doesn't matter in life or in basketball. Tisha Custodio, who stars in 'Big Shot', chatted with MEAWW exclusively about her interestingly named character, Carolyn 'Mouse' Smith and her handsome co-star Stamos as coach Marvyn Korn. 

It's not surprising that for Custodio meeting Stamos, was a rather intimidating experience, but it ended up helping her get right into character. Tisha says, "I was definitely a little nervous when we first met him! He’s such a big name in Hollywood and I was a little intimidated while filming our first scene together. It was the scene where the coach meets the girls for the first time, so I think the nervousness worked in my favor." The nerves soon dissipated though, when Custodio and Stamos who are both accomplished musicians, hit it off on the right note quite literally. Talking about their shared passion for music Tisha says, "The first thing we talked about was our similar music tastes. I remember telling him that I grew up listening to the band America, and he got excited because he’s good friends with them."


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Tisha Custodio with John Stamos on the sets of 'Big Shot' ([email protected])


Tisha plays Carolyn 'Mouse' Smith on the series and we had to get behind this rather interesting name. Tisha tells MEAWW, "They call her mouse because she’s the smallest (and youngest) one on the basketball team. I think how much of a blank slate she was in the beginning drew me to this role the most. When I got the audition sides, I only knew a few key facts about Mouse, which was fun for me as an actor because I got to fill in the blanks of who this character is. "

Getting into character as an athlete, was rather out of character for Tisha. She may look like she knows her way around a basketball court, but she definitely wasn't a jock in school. Far from it. In fact, when whether she would describe herself as popular, a nerd or a jock in high school, pat came the reply, "I went to an arts high school, so I would say we were all nerds there."

But to prepare for this role, Tisha had a 'coach' at home as well. Tisha says, "I was totally not a big sports person growing up! However, I was lucky that my dad used to play in college and loves the sport. He taught me the basics before I went in to audition for this role - and from there, we had an incredible basketball coordinator, Keyla, who ran full-on basketball practices for us throughout the course of filming. "

Tisha was born in the Philippines. She immigrated to the United States with her family when she was around 3-years-old. Her family settled in California which is where she is currently based. Tisha is very proud of the Filipino culture and it plays an important role in who she is and her life decisions.With recognition coming her way with her role on 'Big Shot', Tisha hopes to continue acting and also open a production company that tells stories that center around diversity and immigration.

'Big Shot' premiered on Disney Plus on April 16. 

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