'Big Mouth' Season 4 Ending Explained: Nick's biggest fear is himself, Gratitoad helps him conquer Anxiety Mosquito

The hit animated show introduces a new hormone monster, Tito, this season

                            'Big Mouth' Season 4 Ending Explained: Nick's biggest fear is himself, Gratitoad helps him conquer Anxiety Mosquito

Spoilers for 'Big Mouth' Season 4

After the Halloween episode of Season 4 of 'Big Mouth', Nick Birch (Nick Kroll) found himself in an anxious pit. Stuck in his worst nightmare with his future self - Nick Starr, the host of a game show and a very lonely man – Nick is struggling to wake up from his dream. Eventually, Nick Starr takes over Nick's body and goes to school as him. Here, he acts very rudely saying mean things to everyone. While everyone figured out how to conquer their horrors, Nick was left behind. He shows up at Andrew's (John Mulaney) and gives him a message via his father. How Nick overcomes his nightmare and embraces himself is what the finale episode of Season 4 of Netflix's 'Big Mouth' deals with. 

The hit animated show introduces a new hormone monster this season Tito the Anxiety Mosquito (Maria Bamford). The anxiety monster is first introduced when the group visits camps. Interestingly, it appears to Nick first and the season ends with him overcoming his fears. Nick's nightmare is growing up to be a lonely person. He might be a very likable friend and confidante today but will that change for the worse? Will he turn into a shell of the person he is today and grow up to be rich, successful and famous but is that enough? 

When the show takes us to the future in 2052, we meet Nick Starr for the first time. The world is dying and his agent shows up with a proposal that he can escape to the moon with a plus one. Nick's mind and heart immediately choose Jessi (Jessi Klein), but their relationship might not be the same after all these years. They hadn't spoken since their fight in the city and there was little chance that this might even work. Nevertheless, he goes back to ask Jessi to get on the escape plan with him. 

This is barely successful as they manage to flee in time but it all ends in doom and Nick is left alone again. Being tied later in the season, this very nightmare returns in real life when Nick Starr takes over his life. With no way of reclaiming his body, Nick looks to his closest friends for support - giving a quick lesson in how to handle anxiety. 

Andrew teaches him to take a few seconds off of a stressful situation and just focus on breathing, which will bring his hyperventilating down. Missy (Ayo Edebiri) shows him how embracing different aspects of himself, flaws included, can help Nick learn to accept himself. And lastly, Jessi shows him the power of gratitude. 

Gratitoad helps Nick find everything he is grateful for - things that make him who he is. Nick's fear of loneliness stems from insecurities he harbours deep inside - insecurities surrounding his friendships, relationships and personality. Nick Starr repeatedly tells him that he will eventually grow into a person who will distance himself from everyone near and dear to him. But not if Nick learns to take control of his anxiety. 

In the finale episode of season 4 of 'Big Mouth', the Netflix animated series gives a very touching and quite exhaustive lesson in anxiety management. Not only does it acknowledge anxiety as a real threat to one's wellbeing, but the show also offers a unique portrayal of symptoms that are oft done poorly in the media. In addition to that, 'Big Mouth' also offers a basic understanding of the issue for those who are lucky enough to escape Tito - if they ever want to help their friends, as Nick's did. 

All episodes of Season 4 of 'Big Mouth' are currently streaming on Netflix. 

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