Who is Big Frank? Vietnam war veteran who survived Tet Offensive gets 'speedy recovery' messages after surgery

People are happy that the Tet Offensive survivor is trending, thanks to a post by a war veterans group

                            Who is Big Frank? Vietnam war veteran who survived Tet Offensive gets 'speedy recovery' messages after surgery
Big Frank was trending across social media platforms after a war veterans page started sharing his pictures, sending him wishes to get well soon (Twitter/@@veterans_i)

An unlikely hero was trending on Twitter on February 18. A man by the name of 'Big Frank' has been the talk of the town after a war veteran page started sharing his name and pictures, sending wishes for him to get well soon. "I’m asking y’all to send my brother in arms. Big Frank wishes of love and strength as he recovers from surgery. He survived the Tet Offense (sic) in Vietnam and he needs our help now. #Vietnam #Veteran," said the tweet by the page 'I HONOR VETERANS'. The account description says, "I STAND FOR VETERANS PERIOD! Desert Shield/StormCombatVet #DAV #PTSD #TBI 1st ID #BigRedOne #dateline #KHive "

Social media users were happy to know the man was trending, and that the page made it possible. "I swear @veterans_i is the best. He's always looking out for his fellow veterans. Let Big Frank know we're wishing him a speedy recovery and that he's trending on Twitter that's how many people are thinking of him and sending love," a tweet said.




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Who is Big Frank?

According to the post shared by @veterans_i, Big Frank is a survivor of the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War in 1968. The Tet Offensive was a major turning point in the war, when a coordinated series of North Vietnamese attacks on more than 100 cities and outposts in South Vietnam attempted to foment rebellion among the South Vietnamese population and encourage the United States to scale back its involvement in the Vietnam War. 

The man has undergone a surgery and is recovering. Although it isn't quite clear what kind of surgery it is, people are hoping it's not too serious. "Please give your brother my best, love and wishes of health and happiness again! I hope it wasn't too major of surgery so that he can get back to health quicker! Much love, BIG FRANK!!," said a tweet. "Respectably sending you healing and tranquility as you recover from your surgery. Lots of love to you Big Frank," said another.



Comments by other war veterans and relatives started pouring in, in support of the Tet survivor. "Hey big Frank.. thank you for your service and your sacrifices.. Best wishes to you from an old Army Medic - 1st Armored Division," said a tweet. "Sending him good vibes. My Grandparents were in Saigon during the Tet helping run an orphanage. My mom did not hear from them for 6 weeks when they finally got out of the country," said another.



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