'Big Dogs' Preview: Will the NYPD succeed in using undercover taxis to bring down a chaotic drug empire?

'Big Dogs' will air on Amazon Prime from July 1 and will explore a dystopian world of crime

                            'Big Dogs' Preview: Will the NYPD succeed in using undercover taxis to bring down a chaotic drug empire?
Manny Perez (IMDb)

Pandemic, forest fires, riots, floods — in short, a world ridden with raging problems that won't evaporate as much as we would like it to. Some say we're mirroring a dystopia. Others have hope that we'll get back to normalcy sometime soon. In this regard, most television shows and films have decided to throw rosy optimism out of the window and portray a dark and grimy reality. 'Big Dogs', is set in a dystopian hell, where law and order have broken down and crime is rampant in the United States. Foresight, much? 

The teaser withholds many details of the film, but the official synopsis helps us understand what to expect from the series. It reads, "In a New York City besieged by financial collapse and a surging crime wave, an underworld economy of 'speaks' — illegal, debaucherous after-hours clubs linked by a web of taxicabs — is thriving. For extra cash, fashion photographer Renny (Micheál Richardson, 'Cold Pursuit') has been moving party drugs through the taxi network for his boss, Reza (Tony Naumovski, 'Run All Night'), the local front man for an international crime syndicate looking to take over the city.

When Renny is forced by Reza to step up his game as a dealer to a dangerous degree, he soon finds himself in the cross-hairs of both Reza and Detective Sixto Santiago (Manny Perez, 'The Night Of'), whose experimental unit is using undercover taxis to crack down on the chaotic drug trade. After Santiago's commander Captain McKeutchen (Brett Cullen, 'Joker') partners him with the mysterious and brutal new arrival Everett More (Michael Rabe, 'Homeland'), the two become entangled in a web of numerous government agencies and crime organizations circling a beleaguered New York, exposing a fight for control of both the city and the country at large."


In short, you're in for a wild and breathless ride, if you're up for such dramas. The show stars Manny Perez, Micheal Richardson, Michael Rabe and Brett Cullen. Written by Adam Dunn and Tony Glazer, the show has been directed by David Platt, Darnell Martin, Matthew Penn and Tony Glazer. 
The series will stream on Amazon Prime on July 1. 

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