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'Big Brother' Season 22: Keesha or Kevin, who will be the first person to leave the house?

Kevin "KC" Campbell and Keesha Smith are the first ones to be nominated and fans think they have an idea of who should stay
Keesha and Kevin (CBS)
Keesha and Kevin (CBS)

Season 22 of 'Big Brother' has viewers excited as some of their favorite contestants came back to the show. While some of them were busy mingling with their old pals, others were trying to think of a plan to block the best players. Cody Calafiore, who was chosen as the Head of Household in week one had to make the big decision of choosing two people to be nominated for elimination. 

Having this power in week one had Cody at an advantage as he wanted to show the door to some of the best players. Keeping this in mind, his two targets were Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha. Janelle and Kaysar have appeared in two seasons together and have known each other's game. Fearing that they would form an alliance that would work against him, Cody was looking forward to keeping both of them in the bottom two. However, his plan backfired when he found out that they are safe after using their VIP card to get immunity. This forced Cody to change his plan and he decided to put Kevin "KC" Campbell and Keesha Smith in the bottom two. 

Keesha and Cody did not have a chance to interact. She feared that her name might be called out for nomination but decided to wait it out. Unfortunately, Cody had a different strategy in play. Meanwhile, Kevin was a bit shocked when he heard his name. Prior to the nomination, Cody and Kevin had a chat. 


Kevin admitted that he was always awkward when it came to talking to others and tried to explain to Cody how he was not trying to push himself away. Hearing Kevin get vulnerable, Cody struggled with these thoughts. However, he decided to put his emotions aside and focus on playing the game.


Cody decided to block Kevin. Fans were quick to express their thoughts on the nominations and some tried to guess who would be a better contestant to still be in the game. "My heart wants Keesha but my head is saying Kevin will be the better player in the long. He’s also set himself up to make some moves later in the game. I’m so conflicted," one user wrote. 


"I really want Keesha to stay because I just love the old school players and want an ally for Kaysar and Janelle but my god I feel so sad for Kevin," said another. "I like Kevin but I didn't really watch his season and I love Keesha and BB10 so I want her to stay but it doesn't look like she will unless the tides turn in her favor," wrote another. 

'Big Brother' Season 22 airs on Wednesday at 8 pm ET on CBS.