'Big Brother' Season 22: Is it boys versus girls after Memphis' exit? Nicole, Christmas, Enzo and Cody to face off

Fans think Nicole could be the clear winner in the BB house

                            'Big Brother' Season 22: Is it boys versus girls after Memphis' exit? Nicole, Christmas, Enzo and Cody to face off
Cody Calafiore, Christmas Abbott (CBS)

‘Big Brother’ Season 22 is coming to an end. So far, the season has been predictable despite the one triple eviction news that was unexpectedly dropped on the housemates as well as viewers. The twists were nominal and most of it was easily guessed by the fans. But, the remaining final weeks could alter the pattern a little. The show is left with Cody Calafiore, Enzo Palumbo, Nicole Franzel and Christmas Abbott. Even though they have their own equations, could the fans expect girls versus boys battle in the house?

Most likely not, but one can’t really be sure Nicole had the perfect opportunity to take Christmas off the block but she didn’t and stood by her initial decision. She had nominated Christmas and Memphis Garrett, who eventually was voted out. 

Nicole Franzel, Enzo Palumbo (CBS)

Additionally, she is closer to Enzo and Cody than she is to Christmas. Incase, Cody or Enzo win the Head of Household competition, then they will ensure that they take Nicole along. From the looks of it, only one girl will go into the finale week as one of the top three contestants.

Meanwhile, fans think Nicole has good chances of winning. She’s been a winner before and therefore, knows how to play the game or else she would be lost in the crowd of such strong contestants. "I can't believe that Nicole has made it this far on BB. She's a former winner and no one apparently sees that as a threat #BigBrother22 #BigBrother," a user wrote, while another shared: "Nicole and Christmas the 2 HOTTEST BB All-Stars ever. Nicole is my Michigan girl...looking AMAZING in that Sparty gear! Go Green, Go Nicole! Win it for the Mitten. #BigBrother."



"Who do you want to win BB22? #BB22 #BigBrother For me, Cody or Nicole! Anyone else would be a disgrace to the game. #bb22 #BBLF," a fan asked. "If Nicole wins everyone should on one hand be so mad they let a winner skate through. Then on the other applaud her for knowing how to play so well #bb22 #BigBrotherAllStars2 #bigbrother22 #bigbrother," a fan expressed.



Catch all the new episodes of ‘Big Brother’ Season 22 on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

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