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'Big Brother' Season 22: 'Whiner' Kevin can't be trusted and he will stab people in the back, say fans

Kevin's final speech before the voting began was emotional and while the housemates probably saved him to use him later, fans think he just can't be trusted
UPDATED AUG 14, 2020
Kevin 'KC' Campbell (CBS)
Kevin 'KC' Campbell (CBS)

Keesha Smith and Kevin 'KC' Campbell were on the block in this week's episode of 'Big Brother' Season 22. While we didn't get to see them campaigning for their spot on the show, they did give us a glimpse into what they thought of a sword hanging over their heads and why they should stay. In a nutshell, it was a final shot at trying to save themselves from being eliminated. 

While Kevin showed promise and hope in his speech, Keesha's was more about wishing everyone good luck for the rest of the season. 10 votes later, Keesha was out of the show. Calafiore wasn't allowed to vote because he was the Head of Household this past week and David and Keesha couldn't vote because they were nominated. She later spoke to host Julie Chen Moonves about being voted out unanimously and gave her two cents on it. 

It had gotten stressful for her because every room she entered, people would step out of it. It seemed as though she knew her chances of surviving the cut-throat competition was slim to none. However, Julie made sure she felt motivated about being quite the performer in Season 10, where she made it to the final four. Keesha was not broken to have been booted out this early in the competition but she thought everyone was laying low and not really playing their own game, almost implying that there could be herd mentality at play here. 

Meanwhile, fans have shared how keeping Kevin may not be the best decision because he may seem like someone whom you'd want to pity on but in a couple of weeks, he may be "stabbing people in the back".

"Y’all only voted for Keesha to leave cause Kevin is weak, he wants so bad to belong and they know that they can use him smh, I appreciate that Keesha wasn’t a kiss ass and a whiner like Kevin #bb22 #BigBrother #bigbrotherallstars #bballstars #BigBrother22," a fan commented.


"#BigBrother22 they’re gonna vote out Keesha just so they can use Kevin. Bet the vote will be unanimous," another shared.


"Kevin is too emotional, he cannot be trusted for that. You work with him, he gets pissy, he’ll blow up all your plans," a user tweeted.


"Kevin was irking me all week with his pitiful act. I bet in a couple of weeks he’ll be stabbing people in the back #BigBrother22," another wrote.


"We get a montage of Cody talking to houseguest about the pros and cons of Keesha vs Kevin. Most say Keesha is easier to beat than Kevin," a viewer shared.


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