'Big Brother' Season 22: Will Cody Calafiore win the title? Here's how Nicole Franzel can steal his chances

'Big Brother' Season 22 is about to come to an end and Cody Calafiore might have a chance at winning

                            'Big Brother' Season 22: Will Cody Calafiore win the title? Here's how Nicole Franzel can steal his chances
Cody and Nicole (CBS)

'Big Brother' Season 22 is coming to an end, and with only three people left in the house, things have gotten intense. Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, and Enzo Palumbo made it to the top three, but they are still a couple of steps away from taking home the title of the winner for this season. 

On Monday's episode, viewers got to see Nicole win the first part of Head of Household. The competition saw the cast members hanging by a rope to test their endurance. While the viewers had their mindset on Cody winning the competition, Nicole shocked everyone by taking the win. 

For those who have seen the show, Nicole has come out like a champ towards the end of the game. She managed to win the Head of Household during the Top 5 and went on to win the Power of Veto in the same week. She also showed an incredible performance when the cast members were given the task of remembering a sequence. 

Seeing how Nicole has been bringing her A-game on the show, it won't come as a surprise if she takes home the title. However, one person who has been waiting to steal the title is Cody. Ever since he entered the house, Cody has tried to make sure that he wins most of the tasks. 

He managed to win the first Head of Household competition and made it clear that he was in the house to win. Cody also managed to win nearly three Power of Veto competition while in the house and has been applauded by fans for the strategy he has been following in the game. 

He seemed upset to lose the first part of the final Head of Household competition. However, it looks like that is going to push him to win the final one. With the show coming to an end, there is no doubt that the pair are going to go neck-to-neck to ensure they have a bigger chance of winning the competition. 

They can be expected to do a task that involves a test of mental and physical strength. Keeping this in mind, there is no doubt both of them are up for some tough competition. 

'Big Brother' Season 22 finale airs on October 28 at 8 pm ET on CBS. 

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