Kaley Cuoco slams car crash lawsuit against her and says she is not responsible for the accident

Kaley Cuoco slams car crash lawsuit and says that she is not at all responsible for the unavoidable accident.

                            Kaley Cuoco slams car crash lawsuit against her and says she is not responsible for the accident

Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco is not having it. According to Cuoco, the man who has filed the lawsuit for an accident that happened two years ago needs to hold off on his false claims. 

As reported by RadarOnline, the actress has responded to the many claims made by a man called Kevin Teruya. Kevin claims that the star rear-ended his Mercedes Benz with her Range Rover at the intersection of Reseda Boulevard and Country Club Place in Tarzana, CA on March 30, 2016. 

Teruya is suing Cuoco for pain and suffering, loss of wages, loss of use of vehicle, as well as medical expenses. Cuoco has flatly denied all the allegations and has called the suit 'frivolous'. She also went on to add that the alleged injuries that Teruya suffered were a result of his own negligence. 

Kaley's attorneys said that the 2016 accident was "unavoidable" and was not caused by the Big Bang Theory star. They went on to add that if Teruya was "damaged in any manner whatsoever, that said damage was a direct and result of intervening and superseding actions on the part of other parties and/or third parties."

The attorneys also shared that Teruya's claims, "are barred by one or more statute of limitations." The case is set for a status conference hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court in the month of September. Seems like Kaley has to get this roadblock out of the way as she juggles planning her nuptials to fiance Karl Cook.


Kaley shared with E!News,"We're totally going to get married. We are planning it. We are thinking about it. I can't wait. I don't want it to be much longer. That's the truth. I really can't wait. We are so happy and in love. He is excited as I am, which is sweet. I finally found my soulmate, so we're ready to do it."