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Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik says she has adult temper tantrums

'The Big Bang Theory' star opened up about one of her temperamental episodes and how she plans on coping with it in the long run
UPDATED FEB 25, 2020
Mayim Bialik (Getty Images)
Mayim Bialik (Getty Images)

As parents, it might not be something unheard of to have an episode or two of outbursts, driven by rage - rage over a bad week at work, a terrible social gathering and even some personal insecurities. And as it turns out, even celebrities are not immune to such moments of breakdown. 

In a candid post, titled 'Mayim's Temper Tantrum', 'The Big Bang Theory's' Amy aka actress Mayim Balik recently opened up about one of her temperamental episodes and how she plans on coping with it in the long run. "So why am I no stranger to tantrums?" she began, "Because I have them. I’ve had them since I was a socially anxious child."

Actress Mayim Bialik poses for the camera (Getty)

Recalling the particular incident, when she had to attend a close friend's bash, the sitcom actress explained how nothing was working out in her favor — from the open-air venue to her hunger pangs, and the fact that she was probably under-dressed for the occasion. 

As a result, without even realizing how or when the actress ended up acting out at the moment — something that Balik herself admits that she is not quite proud of. 

"It was not a cognitive decision I made to slam my salad down on the table after it had mostly spilled all over my dress and crappy shirt. But rage came over me and I let it take me. It rose up in my chest and grabbed ahold of my heart. I had no shame. I should have had shame," the TBBT actress shared via her lifestyle blog Grok Nation.

"And I feel such shame," she continued recalling how she ended up scaring her children. "I feel shame because I did not see the signs that I was going to lose it. They were all there: all of my triggers. Hunger. Heat. Lots of people. Feeling watched. Being underdressed. And all of this after a very stressful week in my work life."

Despite the loss of control under the circumstances, Balik emphasized that she is not going to "try to hide my truth".

"Because when I try to hide my truth, it finds a way out. And oftentimes, it comes out with fanfare and a parade of rage. So no more hiding. Rage is real. It is not always something I can breathe through," she writes. 

"It is a dragon inside of me. I can not banish this dragon I fear, but I can be more in control of the things that activate her."