Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki's girlfriend Alaina Meyer is half his age and they even have couples' tattoos

Johnny Galecki and his girlfriend Alaina Marie Meyer have a lot in common, they have been travelling together and even got tattoos of each other's initials

                            Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki's girlfriend Alaina Meyer is half his age and they even have couples' tattoos

The 'Big Bang Theory' star, 43-year-old Johnny Galecki, and his 21-year-old girlfriend are couple goals as they made their red carpet debut at the People Choice Awards on Sunday.

Though everyone knows the famous sitcom actor, his model girlfriend Alaina Marie Meyer — who happens to be half his age — is a mystery to the fans and viewers worldwide. Even though the couple went public with their relationship in September via an Instagram post, they have been together for a longer time.

On July 16, the model had uploaded a photo of her holding a polaroid picture of her Galecki and Dee Larson. From then on, the couple has been all smiles and have been traveling together all over the country.



Meyer is from San Diego, California. Her dad John Stryker Meyer who she is really close to was a member of the US Army Special Forces. He has also published three books on his experience in the Vietnam War as a Green Beret.



The model has a number of tattoos on her body. This includes a large one on her thigh that can be seen in the first picture Galecki shared of the duo hugging on a beach. She also has a large tattoo on her forearm. The couple also share a tattoo of each other's initials. Meyer's arm has 'JG' written in large block letters with a skull right underneath it. Galecki's tattoo says 'AMM' with a heart beneath it.



If you take a close look at Meyer's Instagram profile, you will see that she has a profound love for motorcycles and animals, especially horses. She also loves welding and has previously worked as a fabricator. She also happens to love dogs, which is quite evident on her social media pages as well. 



Meyer has said to have first set foot outside the country just last year in 2017. Though Hollywood's new couple have been traveling around the country these past few months, her first trip out of the country was to Norway. Apart from a love to travel, the couple also share the same interest in music and even attended a Jack White concert.



Apart from traveling and spending almost every minute free together, Meyer also recently visited her beau on the set of TBBT. She uploaded a picture of her friend and herself on the sets of the show on her Instagram. And since her relationship with Galecki became official, her followers also seem to have increased.