'The Big Bang Theory': Final season may include a 'Young Sheldon' crossover

To send the cast off with a big bang, showrunner Steve Holland has lined up a number of Easter eggs, plot twists, and surprise guests in 'The Big Bang Theory'

                            'The Big Bang Theory': Final season may include a 'Young Sheldon' crossover

'The Big Bang Theory' kicked off its 12th and final season in the US earlier this week, and it sure isn't approaching the final installment any differently than the previous 11 seasons, because that is what helped make CBS' nerdy hit TV's No. 1 comedy.

After hitting screens in 2007, the gang of scientists and Penny captured the hearts of viewers across the world. And to send them off with a big bang just like the name of the show, showrunner Steve Holland has lined up a number of Easter eggs, plot twists, and surprise guests.


To start off, have you ever wondered why Sheldon never mentioned his childhood best friend Tam on 'The Big Bang Theory', even though he's seen on the prequel 'Young Sheldon'? Well, don't worry, because producers promise an answer to that on October 11 as an adult Tam finally makes an appearance on the top-rated CBS comedy. 

And if you are wondering how will he be able to do that, Producer Holland revealed to The Hollywood Reporter in an interview that he hopes for a last-minute appearance. "We've talked about having Sheldon discover a videotape he made as a kid as a fun way to use Iain Armitage as young Sheldon in a flashback," Holland suggested.


Holland also hinted at other storylines the audience may or may not get to see. "We have talked about Amy and Sheldon going to a flag convention and being superstars there," he continued.

However, all the viewers out there intrigued to learn Penny's last name may not be in luck. Holland added that he was quite skeptical if the secret would ever be revealed, saying, "I don't know for sure. There is always a chance we would, but at this point, it's a superstition for us. It started off as an accident where we just didn't mention it and then realized that we hadn't mentioned it and it has been years now. Then it became a weird piece of superstition. My guess is we won't reveal it. Her last name is Hofstadter now."

Apart from Tam, viewers have a big chance of meeting a grown-up Billy Sparks, who happens to be Sheldon's childhood bully but looks more like a big, simple boy on 'Young Sheldon'.


You might want to look out for more connections too, but there is one thing that you can never expect, and that is newlyweds Amy and Sheldon becoming parents, reports USA Today. "We've talked about the arc on where we want to end, but it's not all officially ingrained. I'm hesitant to talk too much about it now, but right now that's not part of the plan," said Holland, adding there will be "no more babies". As for the final episode, due in May, "we've talked about it. We don't know the whole thing. We have some ideas we're really excited about, but nothing's set in stone yet," added Holland, according to USA Today. 

Apparently the writers from 'Big Bang' typically do not plot too far ahead. So that leaves more time in hand for Holland and Steven Molaro, the executive producer for both comedies. Molaro even added that they have more time to plan a satisfying conclusion after it was announced last month that season 12 will be the last.


When the final season of TBBT airs, it will pick up on the wedding day scientific breakthrough of Sheldon and Amy, and later on, follow on Raj's search for a wife, which will then take a traditional turn. There will also be appearances from the cast of previous season as the producers want other favorite guest stars to take a final bow as well.