'The Big Bang Theory' season 12: Fans reveal how they think the sitcom might end

Ever since it was announced 'The Big Bang Theory' will be ending, fan theories began flooding the internet and suggesting how the season might end

                            'The Big Bang Theory' season 12: Fans reveal how they think the sitcom might end

The 'Big Bang Theory' is nearing its end. And, with just a few more episodes left before the season finale, fans are now coming up with their own theories as to how the show might end. Though the news of the longest running comedy sitcom coming to an end was a shock to most fans, they are making the most and the best out of this moment and cherishing each episode as it airs. And, thus the fan theories have begun and are taking over the internet.

Among all the fan theories circulating the internet to date, the most prominent one has been about the apartment elevator. Fans are hoping that by the end of the show, the apartment elevator gets fixed. "Only watched the first few seasons but #BigBangTheory will end this lst season with the elevator working, but they say with a smirk 'lets take the stairs' (fade to black)," said one fan.


While some feel Penny and Leonard might end up breaking up with each other, and Leonard meeting his comic book girl, a few die-hard fans of the show hope nothing happens to the show's main characters.

Other theories speculate Leonard might end up with some major accomplishment, or with Penny getting pregnant. Some have gone a step further and theorized something bad might happen to Stuart, the guy who owns the comic book store. "I don’t think anything horrible will happen to the main characters but someone has to take a bullet. Maybe he will sell his comic book store to one of the boys? Something will happen to Stuart."

Contradicting the above theory, another fan wondered if Stuart might end up having his own spin-off. "I wonder if they’d do a spin-off for Stuart and his gf. That could be funny."


Following that, some fans started to think out of the box and stated Sheldon and Amy might end up going to Mars. "I thought that the perfect ending would be Sheldon and Amy going to Mars with their child being the first official Martian," said a fan. 

Apart from the above, minor speculations run along the lines of Howard finally meeting his father, Sheldon and Amy moving to Harvard, and with Raj getting married. Well, with all these theories at hand, one can only wait and watch and see what happens during the finale and how the cast and crew bid goodbye to their fans after 12 seasons. As of now, the creators of TBBT are holding their cards close and revealing minor information as each episode passes by. 


'The Big Bang Theory' airs every Thursday on CBS. Check your local listings for more information.