'The Big Bang Theory': 10 things fans will miss the most when the sitcom ends

Here are 10 recurring things in the show that will be missed the most by fans on 'The Big Bang Theory'.

                            'The Big Bang Theory': 10 things fans will miss the most when the sitcom ends

'Big Bang Theory' is all set to say goodbye to its viewers in the next few months. And fans are still trying to digest the news. The longest running sitcom has been loved by many all over the world. It comes without a doubt that it will be really hard for the cast to say goodbye as well. 

Over the last 11 years Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, Penny, Howard Wolowitz, Raj Koothrapali, Bernadette and Amy Farah Fowler have become inseparable part of every fan's life out there. And now with the sitcom ending, there are a lot of things that the fans will miss. But, we have narrowed it down to the 10 recurring things in the show that will be missed the most. 

Sheldon's Knock 

(Knock, knock, knock) "Penny?"

(Knock, knock, knock) "Penny?"

(Knock, knock, knock) "Penny?"

The world will never be the same for Sheldon's fans once the show ends, even though he is the executive producer for 'Young Sheldon'. Apart from his science trivia and out of the world ideas, his knock is the one thing that will be missed the most. Due to his OCD tendencies, he makes sure he finishes his knock. Even if the person whose door he knocks upon opens the door before he is done with his three knocks, we find him finishing it on the door. We mostly witness him knocking on Penny's door. 

An elevator that never works

Though fans and viewers always say that they would like to see the elevator fixed before the show ends, the show will never be the same if it is fixed. Since 2003, the broken elevator has actually helped the characters have group interactions on the staircase. And this recurring setting and sight of the 'Out of order' board that audiences have become familiar with will surely be missed.  

Stuart's comic book store

Apart from Sheldon's house, the next meetup spot for the characters has always been Stuart's comic book store, also known as the 'The Comic Center of Pasadena'. Especially with Sheldon's weekly visit to the store to get a new comic. Stuart's Newyear's Eve parties in the store is another memory that fans have. After the fire that happened in season 7, the new comic book store could never replace the old one. But it will still be missed because of all the conversations and memories the store provided.

Fun with Flags

Fun with Flags, that was later renamed as Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler Present: Dr. Sheldon Cooper's Fun With Flags, is the show that Sheldon and Amy created to teach vexillology, the study of flags. Though it is not much cared for by a few viewers, die-hard fans of TBBT find it really special. Originally planned for 52 episodes, Fun With Flags has just 10 known episodes. And now that the show is ending, the fact that this is not a real thing is leaving fans devasted. 

Raj's 'speech impediment'

How can we even forget Raj's problem of speaking with women unless they are from his family? Raj’s problem in talking to women without having alcohol is one of the main highlights in 'The Big Bang Theory'. Until Penny got him drunk, he didn’t even know that he was able to talk to women after drinking alcohol.  He finally gets over his selective mutism, when his fiancee Anu and him talk the entire night. This recurring scene of his speech impediment will surely be missed by a whole lot of people. 

Bernadette's voice

Bernadette in her cute frocks with frills is not the only thing that will be missed about her. The one thing that fans will surely miss is her shrill voice. Especially the voice she has when she gets extremely excited. Her shrill voice was not something the creators had planned on. But she had auditioned with it, and the creators thought that it was her real voice and selected her to play the role. Over the past seasons, though in the beginning it was found to be annoying, her voice has grown on each and everyone who has watched the show. 

Sheldon's rules and lists

Our dear Sheldon is very particular about his routine. He will never let anyone mess or ruin it for him. And what better way to make it all go according to his plan other than rules and lists? Whether it be rules regarding his friendship with the other characters and a roommate agreement with Leonard. The best part is what happens if they go against his list, he is ready to go all out for anyone who does it. His prim and proper rules and lists will surely be missed when the season ends. Because, where else will you get to see someone with such a high level of OCD. 

Howard's fashion sense

With his bright, shiny and patterned clothes and dickies, paired along with his chunky huge belt buckles, Howard set his fashion statement when the sitcom started and hasn't changed it ever. All this made us love Howard just a little more. Kudos to the creators for creating such a different fashion sense that no one else has thought of. The style especially suits Howard. Though we saw Sheldon dress up as Howard during the Halloween episode, it just wasn't the same. And it will be missed because no one else can pull it off, apart from Howard. 

Amy's infatuation with Penny

Though Amy and Penny's friendship has evolved through the seasons, one thing that remains the same is Amy's infatuation with Penny. Starting from the episode where Amy invites herself to Penny and Bernadette's sleepover. When Penny gets sad about her breakup with Leonard, Amy goes online and reads what women friends do and she tries comforting Penny using those methods in crisis and using her as a subject for her experiments. This leads to her attraction to Penny, which will be missed when the show bids its goodbye to the fans. 

Leonard's mommy issues 

There might be many things we find funny and wrong in Leonard, but the one thing that stands out among them all is his mommy issues. Starting from the age of 6 when he walked in on his mother and father in bed and when she gave him a black ribbon in his school science fair. It was very clear that if there was one topic that could effect Leonard the most, it would be his mother. But over the seasons, it gets very clear that she cares about her son. 

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