Biden dubbed 'worst president' AGAIN for 'George Floyd's death bigger than MLK' remark

'MLK and George Floyd have NO business being mentioned together in the same sentence!' a Twitter user retorted

                            Biden dubbed 'worst president' AGAIN for 'George Floyd's death bigger than MLK' remark
U.S. President Joe Biden made the controversial remark back in 2020 (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

President Joe Biden found himself at the wrong end of controversy yet again after his old and rather unusual speech from 2020 surfaced on the occasion of Martin Luther King day. While addressing the media in June 2020 on the aftermath of George Floyd's custodial death, Biden happened to compare him with civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. He reminded how Floyd's death sparked the global Black Lives Matter movement. "Even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did," the-then Presidential candidate said, sparking outrage among the masses. 

Biden's comment was met with staunch criticism from everyone then, as many even drew his comparison with Trump. Notably, the former President had met with Martin Luther King Jr.'s son Martin Luther King III days before his inauguration. The video clip resurfaced on social media Sirius XM host Tim Young trolled the POTUS saying, "Remember that time that Joe Biden said George Floyd was more significant than MLK?"


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The controversial remark sparked a new wave of uproar among the netizens, especially in the context of the recent questionable actions by the POTUS that caused a drastic dip in his ratings. 

Texas Congress candidate Wesley Hunt called out Biden saying, "Comparing George Floyd to the memory of Dr. King is insulting, but coming from Joe Biden, it’s not surprising. On this #MLKDay remember the heroes of civil rights and don’t fall victim to revisionist history from the left."

"It begs the question....Does Biden know who Dr. Martin Luther King is ...and what he did for the Civil Rights movement in America? The man was a hero. George Floyd was a despicable felon," a proud Trump supporter tweeted in backlash. 

Twelve United founder Graham Allen tweeted, "Since Biden doesn’t get it I will make it simple….. MLK and George Floyd have NO business being mentioned together in the same sentence!! George Floyd is NO hero!!"

Another Conservative Army veteran noted, "I've watched the video circulating that has Biden stating that MLK Jr.'s death didn't have the worldwide impact that George Floyd did. This is an insult to Dr. King's family and an insult to anyone that was part of the Civil Rights movement. Joe Biden is an Insult to America."

"I am absolutely furious that Biden said George Floyd’s death had more of an impact than MLK’s did. How disrespectful! Why do people support this man? Let alone take him seriously.." remarked another user, with the Twitter handle #LetsGoBrandon, an Conservative equivalent of swearing at the POTUS.