Biden's website sells Truth Over Flies Fly Swatter for $10 following VP debate, Internet calls it 'savage'

Biden's website sells Truth Over Flies Fly Swatter for $10 following VP debate, Internet calls it 'savage'
Joe Biden (Getty Images)

Kamala Harris and Mike Pence's vice presidential debate 2020 has gathered a lot of attention for numerous reasons. While people continue to debate over which candidate between the Democrat and the Republican had stronger arguments to make during the 90-minute-log session, it was the bug that sat on Pence's head that clearly stole the show.

For the unversed, a fly landed on Pence's head in the midst of the debate and sat there comfortably for almost two minutes. Obviously, the vice president didn’t realize he had a fly sitting on his head, but it couldn’t go unnoticed by the viewers.

The random fly soon became a celebrity in its own right and had its own personal Twitter handle with over 81,000 followers and counting, within a span of few minutes. The account has been created by Keith Edwards, who identifies himself as the Communication Director for the Lincoln Project. 

Meanwhile, making the most of the situation, which has sent the internet into a frenzy, Joe Biden’s official website, only a few moments ago, launched a fly swatter called Truth Over Flies Fly Swatter. It is being sold for a price of $10 and features the Biden Harris tag at the bottom. The description for the same reads, "Truth Over Flies Fly Swatter. Purchase is a donation to Biden Victory Fund. Orders ship within 14 days. Union Printed and Made-In-USA."

Whether Twitter users could pick a winner in the recent VP debate or not, they sure have determined the fly to be the ultimate winner and praised Biden's website's creativity, which seems to have left the people on the Internet in splits. One of them wrote, "LOL Savage". Another added, "Jokes on jokes on jokes! Love it!!!" One tweeted, "LMAOOO THIS MANS CAMPAIGN TEAM DOESNT SLEEP"






Meanwhile, the rest simply joked about a fly headlining an important event, blaming Harris and Pence for their poor delivery during the vice presidential debate 2020.  One wrote, "The fly landed on Kamala first but she smelled so bad even the fly couldn't take it! Even the fly couldn't handle her bulls**t! " Another added, "when i was younger, i used to think that flies were attracted to sh!t as they always seemed to flock around animal poop outside. looks like i wasn’t wrong..."




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