Did Biden snub Kamala Harris? POTUS ignores VP, switches seats with Jill at memorial

Rumors of a beef between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have strengthened following the bizarre moments during Bob Dole's memorial

                            Did Biden snub Kamala Harris? POTUS ignores VP, switches seats with Jill at memorial
President Joe Biden switches seats with Jill Biden at a memorial for former Republican Senator Bob Dole, so that he is no longer standing next to Vice President Kamala Harris (C-Span)

Rumors of an existing beef between President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have strengthened following a couple of bizarre moments during the memorial for late Senator Bob Dole in the Capitol Rotunda on Thursday, December 9. 

In the video of the memorial, which was broadcast live by C-SPAN, Biden was seen entering the congressional ceremony alongside first lady Jill Biden and flanked by guards. As Biden and Jill took a left, they were greeted by first gentleman Doug Emhoff, who was standing beside Harris. As Biden strutted forward, neither he nor Jill acknowledged Harris. 



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After that, Biden went and stood to the left of Jill, which essentially placed him next to Harris. However, a few seconds later, he whispered something to Jill that was not audible, and Jill swiftly switched places with the president. The reason for the switch was not apparent. Soon after, Harris was seen turning to her husband and having a private conversation of her own. However, nothing major happened following that exchange.

'Did you see Biden brutally snub Kamala?'

Since there have been reports published by both CNN as well as the Washington Post which accused the VP of bullying her staff and creating a toxic atmosphere within her team that has led an array of people to quit, with more anticipated exits to come, the switch of places for no obvious reason made a number of people on Twitter assume that all is not well in the partnership of Biden and Harris and that the president does not want to be pictured next to her.

Before an audience of nine families that are benefiting from the new Child Tax Credit, U.S. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris deliver remarks on the day tens of millions of parents will get their first monthly payments in the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on July 15, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

"AWKWARD, SHADE WAR: Joe Biden Refuses to acknowledge Kamala as he walks right past her in US Capitol. Then Joe asks Jill to SWITCH SEATS so he won’t be close to VP. Neither make eye contact as Joe looks AT THE CEILING and Kamala looks at the floor. CRINGE. See for yourself," one of them said, while another commented, "What’s going on here? Biden appears to ask Jill to switch spaces with him so he doesn’t have to sit next to Kamala."

A third wrote, "TOP CRINGE: Joe Biden absolutely HATES Kamala. Watch them completely ignore each other, and then watch as Biden makes his nurse/wife switch places with him so he doesn't have to stand by Kamala."Another quipped, "A little riff between Biden and Kamala? Joey asks Jill to trade places. Wait for it. LGB!"

The next remarked, "The disdain @POTUS & @jillbiden hv towards @VP is BEYOND evident. jill biden switching seats w joe biden so he wldnt b sitting next to kamala...was priceless." A commenter tweeted, "@VP Why are you letting Biden make a fool out of you. What !! you can't stand up for yourself, I guess not Biden and Jill along with his babysitters think your stupid can't do anything right and you sit back letting it continue. GET SOME BALLS FIGHT BACK. IMPEACHBIDEN." A person reacted with, "Divorce time? Biden REFUSES to Acknowledge Kamala, Then Switches Seats With Jill." One more added, "Did you see Biden brutally snub Kamala today during the U.S. Capitol ceremony honoring Bob Dole? First he acts like he doesn’t see her there, then he whispers to Jill to change places with him, and then Jill proceeds to seemingly sneak behind him as if everyone couldn’t see them."
















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