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Hillary Clinton arrives in 'hideous' purple pantsuit for Biden inauguration, Internet says she 'needs a new stylist'

Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama also came in purple but Hillary was singled out for the trolling
UPDATED JAN 21, 2021
Hillary Clinton was trolled on Twitter for her choice of outfit soon after she arrived with Bill Clinton for the inauguration (Getty Images)
Hillary Clinton was trolled on Twitter for her choice of outfit soon after she arrived with Bill Clinton for the inauguration (Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton arrived for the inauguration of Joe Biden on the West Front of the US Capitol on January 20, 2021, in Washington, DC, in a deep purple pantsuit by Ralph Lauren. She also matched a ruffled scarf by the designer under a maroon overcoat. Waving to a crowd of onlookers alongside her husband former President Bill Clinton, Hillary matched the color palette of Washington this week as even Vice President Kamala Harris and former First Lady Michelle Obama wore purple. But The social message aside, Hillary is being dragged on social media for the purple pantsuit.

Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton arrive for Joe Biden's inauguration (Getty Images)

"hillary clinton’s outfit was so ugly lol," a user tweeted. "holy f**k...did hillary actually wear this?! my god, what a hideous outfit," another user took to Twitter to share. One harshly noted that the outfit was borrowed from a notable cartoon character. "Hillary looked like she borrowed her outfit from Barney the Dinosaur," one tweeted. 




A mix of red and blue, purple is considered to be the political color of unity. And with the three women donning the color, it looks like the female leaders are sending a message of togetherness in the face of adversity. Hillary reportedly said, "I did wear purple with a purpose because I knew the theme that President Biden was striking was unity. I thought as you combine red and blue, the way that we are divided politically in our country, you get purple. I wanted just to send a bit of a symbolic message that we need to come together."

Hillary Clinton hugs former President Barack Obama (Getty Images)

Another user very carefully broke out the outfit complete with ratings and critique. "Hillary Clinton: 2/10 i’m disappointed to say the least. i appreciate her boldness to wear that bright purple, but i don’t think it was the right move. her coat is cool, but looks bad with the rest of the outfit. also what is that scarf? Hillary, i think you need a new stylist."

"Hillary looks like she's ready to party like it's 1999 in that outfit she got at the Prince estate sale," another added. "WHOMST advised Hillary Clinton on her outfit. Because y’all were wrong for that," a user said.




Ratings came from everywhere as Twitter marked not only Hillary's outfits but also made strong comparisons with Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama, both of whom were also wearing purple. "Kamala's outfit was winner today. Hillary = gawd awful home from all night at disco look. Michelle O= irradiated look after reaching the nuclear fallout shelter 1 min after they closed blast proof doors. Youngest daughter onside w/ HRC hot take, but 100% disagrees re Kamala & MO," one tweeted. "Hillary Clinton took a little bit of Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama’s outfit and thought she could make it work," another added.



This is not the first time that Hillary wore a purple outfit to an important occasion. In 2016, the former secretary of state also wore a purple lapel for her concession speech after losing her bid to become president. Even then, she conveyed a message of coming together as one nation, regardless of party politics. Hillary has not always been fashion-forward though. Reportedly, when Clinton's team questioned the shoes she was planning on wearing during a primary debate in 2016, she said, “Did anyone ask Bernie [Sanders] about his goddamn shoes? I don't care.”