Biden isn't cognitively fit to be president, says White House ex-doc: 'Debates with Trump will be disastrous'

Biden isn't cognitively fit to be president, says White House ex-doc: 'Debates with Trump will be disastrous'
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Former White House physician Dr Ronny Jackson questioned presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's cognitive capabilities and said he should be tested, but won't be allowed to by his campaign because it would be an "unmitigated disaster".

Speaking on 'The Kyle Olson Show,' Jackson, who was the White House physician during both the Barack Obama and Trump administration, said he was not comfortable with Biden being the president. "I think he’s got some cognitive issues," he said. "As a concerned American who also happens to be a physician, I’m just going to say it’s concerning to me that he sometimes is not able to complete a sentence, not really know where he’s at or what he’s doing and we’ve seen that countless times now."

Jackson had been the physician who administered the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MCA) to Trump in 2018 at the president's request after his competence had been repeatedly questioned in the media.

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He pointed out that before Trump, no president had ever undergone cognitive testing and that Trump consented because he "didn’t have anything to hide" and "didn’t worry about what the results might be." Jackson said that the media no longer had the right to question Trump's mental fitness considering his opponent was Biden, who regularly has brain freezes, forgets where he is and makes "crazy comments".

"I want my president, my commander-in-chief, my head of state to be a little bit sharper mentally than Joe Biden currently is," he argued. "Maybe he would have been fine ten years ago, but I legitimately think Joe Biden’s window... has closed. I think that he’s old enough now that he’s having cognitive difficulties and that just happens. It’s part of growing old," he added.

Jackson also disputed Biden's recent claim that he was cognitively superior to Trump and that his campaign will try to maneuver him out of his debates with the president because it would turn out very poorly for him.

Jackson said Biden was not fit enough to be president (Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

"If (Trump) goes head-to-head with Joe Biden cognitively, there just wouldn’t be much of a comparison. It would be very one-sided," he said. "They cannot afford to put Joe Biden on the stage side-by-side with President Trump. It will be an unmitigated disaster for their party."

The physician said "from now on, anybody who’s considered for president of the United States should be submitted to a screening exam" called out the hypocrisy of the left for not making Biden take one when they had strong-armed Trump into doing so. He said Biden was "flawed on many fronts with regards to his cognitive prowess" and that he was "disgusted with the double standard."

Asked why Biden has not been asked to take a test yet, Jackson said many on his side harbor suspicions "something’s wrong and he wouldn’t do well" and that he's "not cognitively sharp enough to be our President right now."

"They [Biden's campaign] will do everything in their power to prevent that from happening," he claimed. "They will not let him be examined because it’s not going to be good for him. It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon, it doesn’t take a psychiatrist to realize that Joe Biden does not possess the mental acuity right now to lead this country."

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