'Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle': Bhoot makes such a deep emotional connection with viewers, he will break your heart

The new adaptation of 'Jungle Book' decides to shake things a bit and introduce a new character into the film. In the process, they manage to play to the audience's emotions

                            'Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle': Bhoot makes such a deep emotional connection with viewers, he will break your heart

We have all heard the story of Mowgli — a small boy who happens to find himself in the middle of the animal kingdom and is adopted by the wolf pack to be raised as one among them. Thanks to Netflix, we have got yet another chance to see the story of the legend of the jungle brought to life. Over the years the story of Mowgli has been adapted and given a variety of touches based on the platform it is being showcased.

Right from movies like 'The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story' to television shows like 'Mowgli: The New Adventures of the Jungle Book', the story has never failed to fill the hearts of its viewers. By giving its audience an insight into the theme of man vs nature, the story manages to teach us a valuable lesson while also playing with our emotions. Netflix released 'Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle' on December 7 and gave us all the chance to dive into a world of nostalgia once again.



While we all have been accustomed to seeing Mowgli in a world which has music, dance, and fun, this Netflix version is a bit different when compared to others. Taking it up a notch, director Andy Serkis elevated the movie by giving it a much darker profile than its previous adaptation.

When one enters into the world of jungle, the monologue by Kaa is enough to give you goosebumps. It is right there that viewers know that this is not going to be a story where you are singing 'The Bare Necessities' along with Mowgli and Baloo. As the movie progresses, we see little Mowgli, played by Rohan Chand, trying to figure out the world he has been born into. 

Unlike other movies, in the Netflix adaptation, Mowgli gets a taste of what it is like to live with the humans. The movie follows him being surrounded by people of his kind and while he gets to see the love of humans, he also gets to witness the bad side of them.

Ultimately, it is the jungle that we find Mowgli coming back to. While we all have seen the special bond shared by Mowgli and his friend Baloo in the films, there is an additional character that steals the show.


In the 2018 version of the film, viewers are introduced to a new character named Bhoot, an albino Indian wolf cub. If one sees him, it is quite possible that you would confuse him with a dog. The skinny, small, energetic character manages to win our hearts the minute he makes an appearance on screen.

We are first introduced to Bhoot when we find Mowgli wandering in the jungle. Their pure and young friendship is sure to take viewers back to a time when there was no worry in the world and the only thing we had to care about was what game to play next.

One could say it is the innocence in the eyes of Bhoot that manages to win us over. Despite knowing that he is different, the spirit in Bhoot never fades away and that is what sets him apart from the remaining characters.

However, viewers are left with a moment of sadness and anger when we witness the scene where Mowgli bluntly snaps at Bhoot, stating that he is not special. It is in this moment that we see the pain and loss in the eyes of this character who has been introduced to us for the first time. 

Even though Bhoot has very small screen time, it is his emotions that the audience connects most with. It is almost like stepping into his shoes and having your best friend say that you are not special. While most of the supporting characters in a movie manage to be lost within the plot, the story of Bhoot happens to be one that will shred your heart into pieces and the internet quite agrees with it.

"If you have a heart, don’t watch #Mowgli Friday night ruined. Weekend ruined. Heartbroken. #bhoot" wrote one user. 

Another added, "I understand what it's like. for nobody to want you." — Bhoot aka the most tragic movie character of 2018. I won't ever get over this lol #Mowgli." Some people did not even forgive Mowgli for his behavior towards Bhoot as another user noted, "Quite frankly, after yelling at Bhoot like that, Mowgli can get eaten by the Tiger." Meanwhile, there were others who were still finding it hard to accept the fact that Bhoot was no more. "Dear @andyserkis I'll never forgive you," wrote another user. While Bhoot might have left us in tears and quite unexpectedly, there is no doubt that he is going to be one that will ALWAYS be remembered.