FRESH INK! Bhad Bhabie shows off massive new 'butt'erfly' tattoo as she sizzles in NSFW clip

FRESH INK! Bhad Bhabie shows off massive new 'butt'erfly' tattoo as she sizzles in NSFW clip
Bhad Bhabie gives her fans a sneak peek of her massive butterfly tattoo in an Instagram Story (Jason Koerner/Getty Images)

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA: In an NSFW Instagram Story shared on Thursday, March 23, 2023, Bhad Bhabie aka Danielle Bregoli showed off her vibrant "butt'erfly" tattoo. The rapper is known to have covered herself in inks, all with different meanings and representations, and the newest ink is sure to add more glamour to her collection.

Bhad Bhabie previously disclosed that she began having butt enhancement shots when she was 17 years old. The now-19-year-old posted a sequence of photos on Instagram depicting her physical transformation. Bhad Bhabie described her butt as "natural", claiming that the enlargement shots only began to work after she began to acquire weight. She must be very pleased with her job because she chose to go all out and flaunt it with new ink.


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Bhad Bhabie shows off new ink in a NSFW Instagram story (Instagram/bhadbhabie)
Bhad Bhabie shows off new ink in an NSFW Instagram Story (Instagram/@bhadbhabie)

Bhad Bhabie shares NSFW video flaunting 'butt'erfly' tattoo

Bhad Bhabie has unveiled the newest addition to her tattoo collection, a black butterfly pattern that spans up her right butt cheek. The 'Gucci Flip Fops' rapper, 19, shared brief footage of her new tattoo on Instagram, months after blasting people who raced to watch her on OnlyFans as soon as she turned 18. Bhabie already has over sixteen tattoos on her body, but her new design has not yet been seen by all of her admirers.

The rapper can be seen moving to the tunes of Din Toliver's 'Luckily I'm Having' as she moves her butt to the beats and gives fans a twirl for a proper visual of her new ink.



Bhad Bhabie claims her OnlyFans subscribers are 'White man who’s married with like six kids'

Bhad Bhabie thinks that the individuals who subscribed to her OnlyFans account as soon as she turned 18 should be "in jail". The 'Bestie' hitmaker addressed her choice to form an account on the site on the evening she reached the legal age of consent in January. When host Caleb Pressley questioned if she thinks those who joined "right away" should be "in jail", the teen responded, "Yes."



Bhabie also stated that she makes the majority of her money through direct messages and that she frequently gets unsolicited, graphic penis pictures. In terms of who is watching her content, the artist thinks her audience is "20 to 40 years old" and consists mostly of White married males "with like six kids" and "a daughter" her age.


Bhabie disclosed in 2022 that she made a whopping $50 million from her OnlyFans account in a single year. She opened the account in April 2021 and earned $1 million in her first six hours on the X-rated membership site.

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 Bhad Bhabie flaunts massive new tattoo on her butt