'Beyond the Headlines: Faking Death': Release date, plot, trailer and all you need to know about Lifetime docu

'Beyond the Headlines: Faking Death': Release date, plot, trailer and all you need to know about Lifetime docu
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Faking deaths is not a new phenomenon. In fact, for years, it has been a very indulging genre in pop culture. Thrillers often have a riveting plotline sensationalized for viewers but is the case in real life similar? Why do people find it necessary to fake their deaths and presume new identities? New beginnings definitely are attainable goals, but just what compels them to leave everything behind and begin anew?


Here is everything we need to know about the upcoming documentary on Lifetime. Stay tuned as MEAWW will update this article as more information is out. 

Release date

'Beyond the Headlines: Faking Death' will release on February 13, 2021, at 10 PM ET/ PT. 


According to the official synopsis of the documentary, "In 'Beyond the Headlines: Faking Death', writer Elizabeth Greenwood discusses her research on the phenomenon of “pseudocide,” or faking one’s own death. Based on the experience of Jane in 'Death Saved My Life', Greenwood discusses the main reason why women fake their deaths, and why a disappearing woman in books and movies is so popular. She also presents real-life cases of faked deaths that have captured the public eye, and why people resort to such lengths to disappear."


The documentary airs after the Lifetime television movie 'Death Saved My Life' starring Meagan Good and Chiké Okonkwo, which follows Good's Jade escaping her abusive husband by faking her own death. On the surface, it seems Jade has it all — a successful marketing career, a husband admired and respected in the community, and a young daughter they both dote on. But behind closed doors, her husband is a controlling man who is physically and psychologically abusive. The film will air as part of Lifetime’s popular 'Ripped from the Headlines' slate and is executive produced by Julie Insogna Jarrett, Seth Jarrett and Meagan Good. Seth Jarrett directs from a script written by Barbara Kymlicka.



Elizabeth Greenwood is the writer behind 'Beyond the Headlines: Faking Death'. Greenwood is the author of the public favorite 'Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud' in which she details accounts of several people who have had to fake their own deaths in order to continue staying alive.


There is no trailer for the documentary released yet. Keep an eye out as MEAWW will update this article when it is out. 


Where to watch

'Beyond the Headlines: Faking Death' will air on Lifetime on February 13, 2021, on 10 pm ET/ PT.

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