Beyoncé sends Ivy Park X Adidas collection to Tia Mowry, fans wonder if Tamera missed it for backing Trump

'Tamera and her husband are Trump sycophants! They said that Trayvon Martin’s murderer was justified in his actions. They are sick!' wrote a Beyoncé fan

                            Beyoncé sends Ivy Park X Adidas collection to Tia Mowry, fans wonder if Tamera missed it for backing Trump
Tamera Mowry, Beyoncé and Tia Mowry

Beyoncé dropped her brand new Ivy Park X Adidas collection in October, and actress Tia Mowry was over the moon to receive a PR package from Queen B recently. Tia quickly made a TikTok video, showing off the collection. She also posted it on Instagram. In the video, dancing to Beyoncé's 'Already', Tia modeled one outfit after another. However, social media users quickly started speculating whether Tia's twin sister, Tamera Mowry, also received a package from the legendary artiste. And if not, is that because she is a supporter of President Donald Trump?

People in Beyoncé's fanbase, ‘Beyhive’, know that ever since the beginning of her career, Beyoncé has been a pioneer of women empowerment and she always raised her voice against injustices towards Black people. Her song ‘Black Parade’ from her musical ‘Black is King’ was an instant hit and gave momentum to the Black Lives Matter movement. So when Beyoncé decided to give Sister, Sister’s Tamera Mowry the chop from receiving her special package over her political choices, fans were totally supportive.

“Beyoncé sending Tia Mowry an IvyPark box and not Tamera tells us all that we need to know,” wrote a Twitter user. “I finally can tell Tia apart from Tamera y'all. Tamera says dumb s**t that comes from the corner of her a**. Tia just cackles hearty and gets Ivy Park boxes from Beyoncé,” wrote another. “Well one thing is for sure: we KNOW what Tamera is teaching her child, who she voted for, and why Beyonce missed her with her Ivy Park gift box,” wrote another fan.







Fans also speculated that Tamera might have voted for Trump for the 2020 presidential election and wondered how can a Black person vote for him. “I just saw a tweet with Tia confronting Tamera about her support for Trump. I will never understand black people voting for him. NEVER,” wrote one twitter user. Another pointed out that even though Tia and Tamara are twins, they are drastically different from each other as they wrote, “Let's be honest Tia has always accepted being black more than Tamera and I never understood it like sis you're black like it's just a fact you can't just act like you're just white it don't work like that....anyway the black community doesn't accent Trump supporters cause wtf.”




Stating that Tamera voted for Trump another twitter user said, “For off Tamera & her racist husband share the same views and she already alluded to voting for Trump in her Essence interview... it’s NO secret why she’s called “Tamaga” y’all are super lateeee!” Another user tweeted a snippet of a video where Tamera can be seen saying, “I support our president, whoever that is.” “remember when tia ate tamera up for supporting trump,” wrote the user along with the video. “Tamera and her husband are Trump sycophants! What tf are you talking about? They said that Trayvon Martin’s murderer was justified in his actions, I’m sure they agree with giving more funds to police. They are sick!” wrote another user.







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