Beyhive comes for Sophia Body after her comment that Beyoncé slept her way to the top

Sophia Body said that Beyoncé and Madonna were famous because they had slept with the right people, and now fans of Beyoncé are dragging Sophia on social media.

                            Beyhive comes for Sophia Body after her comment that Beyoncé slept her way to the top
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'Love & Hip Hop: New York' newcomer Sophia Body has been on full blast ever since she accused Beyoncé of sleeping her way to the top in a podcast on Monday, April 2, and the former video vixen is being dragged through the mud on social media.

The upcoming reality star was interviewed by entertainment blogger BlogXilla in a segment on his podcast 'Free Game,' and an excerpt from the interview that involved her discussing the implications of using her sexuality to succeed in the industry had the Beyhive fuming. Sophia broached the topic by addressing rumors surrounding her, "I'm not really a ho, like, what is a ho? Everybody is f**king. I haven't had sex with a lot of people that they think that I have. I'm not a prostitute, I'm not f**king for money, you know what I mean?"

She described how the insults aimed at her made her feel. "It hurts so bad. Or it did. It kinda still does when people are talking about me and it's not true. I don't give a f**k what you say about me if it's true. You know what I'm saying? I don't care."

Xilla Valentine asked Sophia, "A lot of guys will be like, 'Hey, come, let's work' and then try to f**k. How do you deal with that?" The vixen replied, if not a little hesitantly, "It works better if you f**k. Like, everybody f**ks to get to the top. Even Beyoncé did it, Madonna, but you have to own that s**t." She added, "But for me, personally, I've gotten mad s**t without doing that."

Sophia Body accused Beyonce of sleeping her way to the top. (Getty Images)

The controversial comment caused a huge uproar, as the actress denied ever sleeping with someone for better opportunities while insinuating that the reason for Beyoncé and Madonna's fame was their willingness to exchange sexual favors for career-changing opportunities and roles. The Beyhive put the DJ on full blast, making sure that she won't ever lightly mention their Queen's name in passing again. She has since made her Instagram private.

Madonna's name was also brought up. (Getty Images)