Beverley Mitchell says it would be "real fun" to be pregnant at the same time as TV sister Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel was Beverley Mitchell's support system when she talked about her miscarriage around Thanksgiving last year

                            Beverley Mitchell says it would be "real fun" to be pregnant at the same time as TV sister Jessica Biel

American actress and singer Beverley Mitchell is open to the possibility of expanding her family and said it would be really fun if she and her '7th Heaven' co-star Jessica Biel got pregnant at the same time.

Speaking to Us Weekly on January 12 about adding more children to her brood with husband Michael Cameron, she said, “I’m open to whatever comes our way.”

 Beverly Mitchell (Source: Getty Images)
 Beverly Mitchell (Source: Getty Images)

Mitchell said if she is pregnant at the same time as her former onscreen sister she would be just as excited as her fans to see her and Biel with baby bumps. 

The two actresses have been pretty close ever since they played the Camden sisters on 7th Heaven, the WB series that ran from 1996 to 2006.

Mitchell was seen gushing over her friendship with Biel last year around Thanksgiving when she announced that she had suffered miscarriage of twins and how 'The Sinner' actress was her support system during the trying times.

“[Jessica] was very supportive through everything and was always checking in on me and through the whole miscarriage thing,” Mitchell told Us in November.

“She was one of the first people I called and I’m just very grateful for her friendship and her being just a frickin’ badass, awesome person.”

Mitchell has revealed her heartbreaking loss by taking on Instagram and putting up an emotional message.

“So much to be grateful for!!!” she began the lengthy post. “Sharing a little bit about the past few months, a little heartache, a miscarriage, and healing! Thankful for my wonderful family who fills my [heart]. And thank you … to all of you for your love and support! And giving me a platform to share all my highs and lows! #healing #thankful #grateful#blessed”


Jessica and Biel may not be sisters by blood but they eventually landed up as one on the TV series. They started acting in '7th Heaven' from the year 1996 and the show ran for 11 long years.

In fact, their bond would last far beyond the show's ending—surviving loss, heartbreak, marriages, and motherhood. The strength of their friendship was proven once again when Jessica served as a bridesmaid as Beverley married her college sweetheart Michael Cameron in 2008.

Beverley best summed up their relationship to Today stating, "She's everything I could dream of in a sister and more. And I'm really grateful that our friendship and love continues to this day, 22 years later."