Bette Midler net worth: Actress told to put her money where her 'loud mouth is' after slamming 'the rich'

Bette Midler net worth: Actress told to put her money where her 'loud mouth is' after slamming 'the rich'
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Bette Midler, who often makes headlines for all the wrong reasons due to her unabashed political proclamations on Twitter, has once again landed herself in the hot waters with her fans after she called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for being anti-progressive because he was only focused on making "the rich" richer. 

The actress framed her tweet in a manner that looked like she considered herself to be part of the middle-class Americans. "How will Americans make any progress with #MoscowMitch as #SenateMajorityLeader? He’ll block every piece of legislation created to move us forward because that’s the definition of conservatism. We’ll be treading water for years, except the rich, sailing by us in their yachts," she tweeted. 


Soon enough people on social media reminded her that she was not a commoner because her bank balance was in the millions. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Midler's estimated net worth is $250 million. Also known as "The Divine Miss M," Midler is known for her work on stage and screen, which has earned her numerous awards, including two Tonys, three Primetime Emmys, and three Grammys. Bette has released 14 studio albums (selling more than 30 million copies) and has more than 50 acting credits to her name, starring in films such as 'The Rose' (1979), 'Beaches' (1988), and 'The First Wives Club' (1996). 

As a result, the mockery was expected, especially from the people who were familiar with her career. One user noted, "Yes folks...... she's just like us. Except for the $250 million or so......." "I agree Bette & I'm a huge fan, but if I'm not mistaken, you're pretty rich," one commenter wrote back. "So while I agree that Mitch needs to go, you probably shouldn't call out rich ppl when you are one of them. Maybe call out rich ppl and get them to support the cause and help out. Just a suggestion."

"You Are 'the rich.' Lol," another observer said. "McConnell isn't the most conservative, but he's wise for blocking anything you call 'moving forward.' You wouldn't know the definition of conservatism even if someone explained it to you in 3rd grade-level terms in crayon." "What is your net worth, Bette baby?" another user asked. "Why haven't you put your money where your loud mouth is and given it away voluntarily to help those worse off than you? Why do you still live as a rich person? Could it be because you're just another hypocrite piece of s**t. Why yes, yes it is."





However, there were also those who, like Midler, decided to hate on McConnell.  "That's why we need to come together to turn the two senate seats blue in Georgia!" one of them wrote while another said, "Investigations into all of his business dealings, protests wherever he sets foot outside of the senate, the people can make it extremely uncomfortable. If he doesn't want to play fair, that can be accommodated." A third commented, "How do we get rid of a Zombie? Is Netflix running night of the living dead? I know they have step by step instructions." Someone else tweeted, "Sad isn't it Something needs to get better than that though if you look at turtle Mitch he doesn't look healthy" 





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