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Bethenny Frankel says Prince Harry's bombshell memoir did 'more harm than good' for Meghan Markle and him

'The royal family is more popular than they were before you started this circus,' Bethenny Frankel slammed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
UPDATED JAN 10, 2023
Bethenny Frankel said Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should be playing the long game to not distract the public from real issues (bethennyfrankel/Instagram, Mike Coppola/Getty Images)
Bethenny Frankel said Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should be playing the long game to not distract the public from real issues (bethennyfrankel/Instagram, Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Bethenny Frankel has a history of criticizing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and in her latest video, she explained why she is "obsessed" with the duo. In a video shared on Instagram on Sunday night, January 8, she said, “Because of the greater meaning. It’s not necessarily what we say or what we do, but it’s how we do it.”

The 'Real Housewives of New York City’ alum, 52, explained in her video that she believes that Harry's controversial autobiography 'Spare' does more harm than good for him and his wife Meghan because of its way of dragging in his royal family members. “To scorch the Earth and to burn bridges and to handle a situation in such a reckless, salacious manner doesn’t achieve the result. The royal family is more popular than they were before you started this circus,” she said.


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Frankel slams Harry's memoir 'Spare'

Frankel highlighted that the 38-year-old Duke of Sussex failed to make any real change as he attempted to focus on broader and important issues like mental health struggles. She further said that people are very interested in the drama involved in their life.

“The focus is on this whole massive charade versus the actual issues, versus anyone talking about the actual racism in society as it pertains to this matter, or the mental health of it, or the sibling rivalry, or the relentlessness about paparazzi,” the 'ReWives' podcast host said.

“And in life and in business, I’ve learned that you don’t take every single opportunity to scorch and torch the joint,” she continued.


“You might be able to get further by playing chess and not checkers. While I’ve worked with many different people in my career, there have been issues that I would like to change. Instead of scorching the Earth because I was scorned, I handled them professionally, and this is so much more important because this is about someone’s family,” said Frankel offering some advice while she slammed Harry's actions.

Taking instances from her personal life, Frankel noted that even during her divorce from Jason Happy, she never spoke ill about her ex-husband. She explained how she refrained from speaking out in public for Bryn, their 12-year-old daughter. “While people have said I’m a reality star that has written books and been on reality television and shared certain aspects of my personal life, I have spared most aspects of my personal life, specifically because I have a daughter,” said the former Bravolebrity.

“As it pertains to my wretched divorce, court documents released some things, but I have spoken very little about the specifics of that matter because I do have a daughter, so I don’t believe in just torching the joint.”

The 'Skinnygirl' founder shared that it is essential to be “playing the long game” so as to keep the real issues highlighted. Talking about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, she said, “This has been the greatest spectacle to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars that have left us just shaking our heads about these two people.”

“So you can like me, not like me, agree with me or not agree with me, but we can learn a lot from Harry and Meghan about what not to do on a trajectory in business or personal lives. It’s not necessarily the content; it’s the delivery, and the delivery has gotten lost.”

Frankel suggests 'Dirty Harry Laundry' over 'Spare'

Slamming Harry for making controversial claims against his family in his memoir, Frankel shared a video on Instagram on January 7 and suggested he change the name of the book to "Dirty Harry Laundry" before changing it to "Mention It All", her popular line from the 'RHONY' show.


"Is it too late to name Harry's book 'Dirty Harry Laundry," she said and went on to roast him saying “Mention it all! Oh my God. Harry should have named his book ‘Mention It all.’ Mention. It. All. I’m dying.”

Harry's book 'Spare' is set to be released globally on Tuesday, January 10.