'Dog the Bounty Hunter' star Beth Chapman placed in medically-induced coma after she was admitted to ICU in a Hawaii hospital

The family issued a statement asking everyone to pray for Beth and thanked everyone for their prayers throughout her battle with cancer

                            'Dog the Bounty Hunter' star Beth Chapman placed in medically-induced coma after she was admitted to ICU in a Hawaii hospital

Reality TV star Beth Chapman has been admitted to the ICU at Queen's Medical Center and placed in a medically-induced coma. Her family issued a statement on Saturday, June 22. Chapman, the wife of Hawaii-based bounty hunter Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman has been battling cancer for several years now. According to  Hawaii News Now,  Duane said in the statement that he "and his family humbly ask everyone to please pray for Beth."

The family also sent their "sincere thanks to everyone for their prayers throughout Beth’s battle with cancer."

Beth underwent surgery for throat cancer successfully in 2017, but doctors told her that the cancer had returned and she underwent surgery again last November to remove the tumor in her throat. Recently she took to Instagram to show her bright and cheerful statement to the world despite her ongoing battle with cancer. She also shared a special message about Palm Sunday in the post.

"#palmSunday #wgnamerica #palmtrees #Dogsmostwanted #palmsunday Don’t forget the reason for the season," she captioned the Instagram post. Jamie Chapman, the wife of Beth's stepson Leland, commented on her post, "You look beautiful."

At the time of her throat cancer returning, a morose-looking Duane addressed the media by asking fans to "pray" for his ailing wife, with daughter Lyssa Chapman next to him, and said, "Please say a prayer. She’s not doing good."

In May, he said, "My baby has cancer and she is fighting like hell. I have cried a lot over this because Beth is my everything." The TV personality continued, "Despite all the obstacles I have overcome, this is by far the biggest test of my life and mark my words, I will not let her die. She is my rock and my bodyguard. I will do everything I can to keep her here."

According to pop culture, the Chapmans are set to return to TV soon with WGN's new reality series 'Dog's  Most Wanted'. The series follows Dog, Beth, and their team as they chase down criminals on federal and state lists.  But with Beth's hospitalization, how things proceed remains to be seen. The date for the show has not been announced yet.

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