Best TV shows to watch - Here's what you can binge on this March

March promises to be a thrilling month for TV lovers, here are the top 5 shows & their trailers to add to your watch-list

                            Best TV shows to watch - Here's what you can binge on this March

Just three months into 2019, and we can safely say that the year has been buzzing with binge-worthy TV shows. From Kate Beckinsale's return to TV after almost a decade with the suspense thriller 'The Widow,' to Idris Elba's new avatar as a comedic character, TV has taken a surprising turn.

Here are some of the best TV shows worth losing your sleep over, or if not, worth staying in and chilling with during the long weekends of the month.

1. 'The Widow'

Starring Kate Beckinsale as Georgia Wells, an apparent widow who embarks on a dangerous mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo to find her missing husband, 'The Widow' will definitely make your adrenaline rush as we are taken to the lush dense Congolese jungle fraught with danger - in stark contrast, to the serene snowy landscape of Wales and rather peaceful gardens of Rotterdam.

Three separate storylines merge together to unfurl the mystery of Will Mason, the supposed-dead husband of Wells. Said to have died on a plane crash, Wells spots Mason on a news cable channel reporting on the riots of the DRC, three years after his apparent death. Without thinking twice, Wells ventures to Africa and her life is in jeopardy because no one wants her there, not even her friends. The show has a strong message of love triumphing but also begs questions of love.

Network - Amazon Prime Originals

Date of premiere - March 1

2. 'Turn Up Charlie'

Letting go of macho characters that Idris Elba is known for, such as Heimdall in 'Thor,' serious cop detective in 'Luther,' the 46-year-old actor is trading his seriousness for the comedic role of Charlie, a struggling DJ, and an eternal bachelor, who is forced to be a "manny" to Hollywood brat, Gabby.

Once a successful DJ, Charlie's fame dwindles eventually and he cannot even afford to pay the electric. Incoming is his famous movie-star friend David, and equally famous wife, Sara, who is a world-renowned DJ. In order to get the big break Charlie needs, he has no option but to be a manny to their spoilt problem child. 

Network - Netflix

Date of premiere - March 15

3. 'American Gods'

Meet the old gods and the new this month as 'American Gods' season 2 is coming! This season, we are following ex-convict Shadow Moon as he roams a world he doesn't understand after losing everything he had, including his wife. Mr. Wednesday and Shadow Moon cross paths and there's a new beginning which no one saw coming. 

The old gods are, of course, threatened by the new ones including Technology and New Media so Mr. Wednesday tries to unite the old gods to reclaim their influence while Shadow Moon still looks to fit into the new place. The struggle will be real and the outcome will be powerful, the trailer looks promising.

Network - Starz

Date of premiere - March 10

4. 'The Village'

Tissues will come in handy this month as NBC's upcoming family drama will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Already compared to 'This Is Us', 'the Village' revolves around several characters of an apartment building in Brooklyn called 'The Village.' There we meet Sarah, a nurse and a single mother who does her best to look after her pregnant teenage daughter, Katie.

There's Ron and Patricia, the superintendent of the building who ensures everyone gets along and bond like family. The show also tackles real-world issues as Ava fights for her freedom from ICE and tries her best to secure her U.S.-born son. Nick, is a war veteran from Afghanistan, who not only suffers from PTSD but eventually learns the meaning of family, thanks to the heartwarming residents of the building who give meaning to his rather lonely life.

Network - NBC

Date of premiere - March 19

5. Now Apocalypse

Unlike what the title sounds, 'Now Apocalypse' is, in fact, a comedy that follows a group of four friends exploring the strange and bewildering city of Los Angeles, all for love, sex and fame. If you are on the lookout for a spicy, out-of-this-world comedy then this is the one, as pansexual characters delve into experimental sex in alleyways or on internet live-cams with orgasms causing psychedelic explosions in the sky.

We mainly follow Ulysses whose premonitory dreams make him wonder if the apocalypse is dawning and a monstrous conspiracy is at play, or if he is just smoking too much weed.

Network - Starz

Date of premiere - March 10