Ace pranks by celebs that left us wanting more

When celebrities pull pranks, they go big. These famous folk have an epic funny side that just can't be ignored.

                            Ace pranks by celebs that left us wanting more
Leonardo DiCaprio and Adele (Getty Images)

The April Fool's day just passed by with with its bouquet of pranks and laugh galore. It's not possible to keep track of all the goings on on a day dedicated to pull a fast one. The more elaborate the prank, the better the results. Which is why when it comes to pranks, celebs love to go big. Here are our favorite celeb pranksters, in case you haven't seen them yet.

1. Adele pranks her fans as an Adele impersonator 

Adele pulled the best prank ever on unsuspecting fans. With a completely different face and a more relaxed, low droll, she managed to pull a fast one on fans. 

2. Jennifer Lawrence pranks the pranksters who were trying to prank her

J-law is a really easy-going actress, so when she flew into a rage at a Smosh interview, she took everyone by surprise. Little did they know that Jennifer was pranking them!

3. Amy Schumer falls at Kim and Kanye's feet

Amy took Kimye by surprise by literally bowing to the presence of greatness. The hilarious red carpet prank went viral.

4. Michael Bublé serenades his fans as a sales rep

Micheal looks nearly unrecognizable with those prosthetics, but if there's one thing he can't fake, it's his angelic voice.

5. Kylie gets ding-dong-ditched by Kim

The Kardashian-Jenners have a really close relationship with each other and they regularly pull pranks on each other. Like when Kim left a little gift for Kylie at her doorstep.

6. Rihanna pranks Jimmy, the king of Pranks

No one expected Jimmy to fall for this one. So when Rihanna pulled this epic prank on Jimmy, the whole internet gave her a standing ovation.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio acts like a crazed fan and scares Jonah Hill

This prank was truly effortless because of how well-timed it was. Leo was spotted doing his own thing in New York when he spotted Jonah Hill minding his own business. Leo took this opportunity to scare the life out of Jonah, and the results are amazing. 

8. John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel have a running gag and keep pranking each other

These two have had a running gag with each other. Jimmy and John enjoy out-besting the other. It looks like the pranking won't end any time soon.

We love these celebrity pranks and can't wait to see more epic ones being pulled in the future.