Breasts, Brawls and Bernie: Day after topless women protest in Nevada, fight breaks out at Sanders rally in Colorado

Two men engaged in a scuffle after one of them was wearing a T-shirt that read 'Black Guns Matter' and was allegedly booing the Democratic candidate

                            Breasts, Brawls and Bernie: Day after topless women protest in Nevada, fight breaks out at Sanders rally in Colorado
Bernie Sanders (Getty Images)

Democratic presidential frontrunner Bernie Sanders had a few ugly experiences while campaigning over the last two days in Nevada and Colorado, respectively.

On February 16, three topless women stormed the Vermont senator's stage in Carson City, Nevada, to protest his support for the dairy industry. The next day, February 17, a scuffle broke out at the Democrat's rally in Colorado after a white man reportedly attacked a black man for booing Sanders and wearing a T-shirt displaying 'Black Guns Matter'.

Nevada is set to go to the caucuses on February 22 as the third state in this primary season. Sanders has done well in the two pollings that have taken place so far — in Iowa (February 3) and New Hampshire (February 11) — and is trailing former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg by a single delegate. He finished a close second to Buttigieg in Iowa but avenged the loss in NH. 

In Nevada, a woman first got onto Sanders’ stage and grabbed the mic despite the candidate’s objection to say: "Bernie, I’m your biggest supporter and I’m here to ask you to stop propping up the dairy industry and to stop propping up animal agriculture." "I believe in you," she added.

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and his wife Mary Jane O'Meara Sanders wave to supporters before Sanders spoke before a large crowd at a rally in the Colorado Convention Center on February 16 in Denver, Colorado (Getty)

This was followed by the entry of the topless women and a video showed Sanders moving to the other side of the stage along with his wife Jane while seeming to call the security.

Of the three protesters, one held a sign saying "Let Dairy Die" while the other two poured a red liquid on themselves before being moved away. Sanders then resumed his speech. In 2016, Sanders had lost to his then rival Hillary Clinton in the Silver State.

After topless women's Nevada protest, two men fought in Colorado

In Denver, the scenes were more violent. The two men started fighting near the stage even as Sanders addressed the audience at the Colorado Convention Center. A video from CBS4 showed the duo pushing through a metal barrier and falling on the ground. Soon after, others intervened to separate the two.

CBS4 reported later that one of the two men contacted the network over the phone to say that he is a supporter of Sanders. He identified himself as Tyler and said that there was a man in the crowd wearing a T-shirt that read "Black Guns Matter". He added that the man was with two others and they were booing Sanders.

When Tyler tried to capture their video, the man allegedly shoved him. This is when Tyler retaliated.

The Democratic presidential hopeful made a stop in the capital of Colorado where he held his rally to mobilize his supporters ahead of the March 3 caucuses in the Centennial State. Four years ago, Sanders had picked a comprehensive win over Hillary in Colorado. 
CBS4 claimed that the other man wearing the T-shirt also called the network, but did not identify himself. He identified himself as an African-American and blamed 'Tyler' as the one who started it all. 

"He had a problem with the shirt I was wearing. I was recording the event, he walks up and calls me a racist. But I thought, 'What’s he know about black lives, about discrimination, or for that matter, the representation of the shirt'," he was quoted as saying by CBS. 

The man also said that while he agreed with Sanders on various policies, gun ownership wasn’t one among them. 

"Black people and their ability to own firearms have historically been very restricted. The shirt I got from a conceal-carry class," the man added. 

Sanders, however, appeared unaware of the fight near his stage and continued to give his speech.

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