'Bering Sea Gold' Special: Stiff competition and unpredictable mother nature challenges miners this season

'Bering Sea Gold' Special: Stiff competition and unpredictable mother nature challenges miners this season
Emily Reidel from 'Bering Sea Gold' (Discovery)

It is that time of the year when fans of 'Bering Sea Gold' have every reason to celebrate. Ahead of the premiere of a new installment, fans were treated to a special by Discovery to ensure fans were all caught up.

Season 12 will see the return of familiar faces, and this time there is stiff competition not just against each other, but also from changes in nature. 

The special started off with Captain Ken Kerr of the Myrtle Irene proudly announcing that he was "The New Mr Gold" after having a successful season last time.

He intended to make it another successful season where they want to mine in pounds and not ounces. Kerr also noted that seismic shifts made it a lot more challenging for the crews as it further lends to the unpredictability factor. 

Kris Kelly's introduction is one for the ages. "Last year sucked for us," he reveals grimly. For the miner, the new season is a ticket to redemption after being bogged down by intense winds that impacted visibility.


This time, he has a generous benefactor ready to lend him a dredge to go out there in the waters and rake in the nuggets. His mission: Convince his father Brad and brother to get back in the game. 

Vernon Adkison may have had a decent outing, but that wasn't to say he had problems aplenty. The skipper had a hard time with his daughter, Elaine, and this time they are optimistic. "This is going to be our year," remarks Adkison.


"If anybody can get it, it's going to be us," seconded Elaine. It also seems they have made some upgrades to the Wild Ranger. 

Emily Riedel and her vessel, The Eroica, has built a loyal fan base. "Gold was mediocre, the business was tough," she starts off. However, the third-gen Alaskan also knows what needs to be done.

"If you are persistent, you will succeed," she explains. This time around, Emily hopes for some major moolah to make despite the odds mother nature brings in. To ensure she can go all the way, the cavalry comes in the form of diver Daryl Galipeau to explore untouched areas. 


For Shawn Pomrenke, this is an opportunity to build his empire back. After going down to Kerr last time, he is desperate to make amends. But he does have problems in the form of an incomplete dredge and a half-done deal. The question remains: "Can Shawn get back to the pinnacle?"

Guess we'll know when 'Bering Seas Gold' premieres on May 15, 8 pm ET on Discovery.


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