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'Bering Sea Gold' Season 13: Air time, how to live stream, plot, cast and all you need to know about Discovery's mining show set in Alaska

The race is on to see who strike gold on the newest season of 'Bering Sea Gold'
'Bering Sea Gold' (@beringseagold/ Instagram, Discovery)
'Bering Sea Gold' (@beringseagold/ Instagram, Discovery)

The Bering Sea is a treasure trove. However, its riches are only for those who do not know fear and aren't afraid to brave Alaska's hellish storms and freezing waters. And for the crew of 'Bering Sea Gold' their reward is, well, gold.

Returning for a landmark 10th year, 'Bering Sea Gold' is back with a whole new season, complete with new challenges that will have you at the edge of your seat. Watch as the captains and divers risk it all as they set out to conquer Nome, Alaska and unearth its glittering riches.

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Air date

The latest season of 'Bering Sea Gold' premieres on Friday, April 30 at 9:00/8:00c on Discovery+.

Where to live stream

You can stream the episode of 'Bering Sea Gold' on Discovery+.


Ever since 'Bering Sea Gold' made its way to the screen, it has been fueling audiences with a sense of adrenaline and adventure, after all, mining for gold in the unforgiving weather of Alaska is not for the faint at heart. Now, in its landmark 10th year, Season 13 is here to pack on the (gold) rush and thrill viewers. Seeing that crews now have to stake their claim to guarantee their spot in the game, the race is on, to see who can strike gold, literally and figuratively.

As per the show's synopsis -- 'Nome, Alaska has been stirring up a summer mining season no one can pass up. This season, gold prices are on track to reach an all-time high and with this new opportunity comes new challenges. Owning a claim is more vital now than ever as it's the only way to guarantee a place to mine. Nome's untamed roots are reestablished as the mining fleet among the competition and returning familiar faces battle in a free-for-all to claim the richest grounds on the Bering Sea.'


Shawn Pomrenke

There is a reason Pomrenke is known as Shawn 'Mr. Gold' Pomrenke. Along with his father, Steve, the two of them have taken on the inland mine at Anvil Mountain and the Christine Rose -- a massive excavator dredge on the Bering Sea. Over the years, the two of them have mined for millions of dollars worth of gold from these locations and spots near Nome. In the previous season, we saw him get ambitious -- he wanted to purchase the mining rights to over 10,000 acres of property. The reason? It's believed to be home to a quarter-billion dollars in gold. This time is no different -- Pomrenke hopes to mine the most gold in a single season. He also intends on taking over his family's inland mine. Pomrenke is on a mission -- to bag achieve the ultimate pay streak to date.

Captain Kris Kelly

The captain of the Reaper might have had a few hits and misses over the past seasons -- from shoddy machinery to emotional meltdowns, it's not been easy for Kelly. Working with family too has been much more of a hassle than help. This season could possibly change all of that. With his eyes set on a new mining ground, Kelly is ready to lead the largest vessel he's ever captained, in hope of striking gold. A bonus from the captain himself comes in the form of 'Kris Kelly's Secret Guide to Mining' where he dishes out mining knowledge on the show!


Zeke Tenhoff

After having reluctantly partnered with his ex, Emily Riedel, in the previous seasons, Tenhoff is back in the game and is adding to the mounting tension at the Bering sea. His current focus? A one of a kind sailboat dredge. This will grant him deeper access to claims and even stay overnight on the dredge, seeing that it can brave storms. While most dredges get pushed back to the harbor in such situations, Tenhoff might just have the upper hand.


Steve Riedel

Tenhoff isn't the only one making a comeback, seeing that Steve Riedel is all set to start from scratch, with plans to assemble a mining rig. To top it off, he might even join forces with an unlikely partner, Vernon Adkison.

Adkison has fought and fired Riedel multiple times, the two are like chalk and cheese. But seeing that Adkison has a loaded claim and needs all the help he can get, Riedel is now his best bet. Riedel will also be sharing knowledge and information about the remote gold-struck town, in his segment. -- 'Weird Wild Wonderful World of Nome.'

Emily Riedel

Her partnership with Tenhoff might be long gone, but this captain is all geared up for a new season. With people fighting for their claim over Nome, Riedel has to make a call -- either consider operating a second dredge or join the claim war.

She decides that the latter is more important and is now on the hunt to create an elite gold diver team.



As per the trailer shared on Instagram, it looks like the gold rush in Nome is about to explode, with the prices of gold reaching an all-time high. With the crew ready to cash in on this boom, the race is now on.


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