Kylie wants sister Kendall Jenner to get serious with Anwar Hadid

The Jenner sisters are at it again, and this time, it's Kendall making the waves of the gossip section due to her alleged fling with Bella Hadid's little brother Anwar Hadid.

                            Kylie wants sister Kendall Jenner to get serious with Anwar Hadid
Kendall and Kylie Jenner (Getty Images)

The Jenner sisters are at it again, and this time around, it's Kendall making the waves of the gossip section due to her alleged fling with her best friend, Bella Hadid's little brother Anwar Hadid. But Kendall's newest boy toy, Ben Simmons, is not too pleased with these new developments.

Although Ben was gearing up for a romance with the runway model, he was reportedly extremely disappointed when he heard about Kendall locking lips with Gigi Hadid's brother Anwar. “He was in awe seeing those pictures and was like, ‘Wow. Just wow.”

In fact, according to sources close to him, he was rather disappointed with Kendall's behavior. “Ben’s used to being a player on the court but feels Kendall stepped over him,” the source explained to Radar Online. “He thinks she’s the true player!”

The insider went on to claim that ever since the incident, Ben has been trying to reach Kendall over the phone in order to demand an explanation, but apparently, Kendall is having none of it. “He’s feeling extra salty over how Kendall did him,” the source added.

Moreover, as per the inside source, Ben's close friends warned him about getting into a relationship with Kendall, especially since they were all aware of the model's reputation for playing the field. But a lot of people claim that the Anwar incident is just karma coming to bite Ben in the butt since he was dating singer Tinashe while he was entertaining Kendall on the side.

And even though Ben is still worried and possibly threatened about the future of his relationship with Kendall, her sister Kylie sure has different plans for her elder sister. According to sources close to the lip kit mogul, she is thrilled with this new development in Kendall's relationship status and is rooting for Anwar to win the bid.

“Stormi has changed Kylie’s life for the better, she’s never been this happy or fulfilled and she can’t stop talking to Kendall about having her family too. Now that she is with someone as awesome as Anwar, Kylie hoping that Kendall will finally settle down,” the source told Hollywood Life.

“Kylie knows Anwar is good people and is really hoping Kendall will give him a real chance. Kylie’s way ahead of herself, but she’s already talking about how gorgeous Kendall and Anwar’s babies would look, they’d be supermodels for sure,” continued the insider.

Even if it is weird that he is the little brother of her pals, Kendall did show interest in him back in 2016, with a flirty Instagram pic of her going in to place a kiss on his cheek, caption “Dibs.” Maybe everything is falling into place. He just broke up with girlfriend Nicola Peltz, 23, last month. And Kendall didn’t waste any time in making her move. 

If you too have been Keeping Up With The Kardashians, then you would be aware that Kendall is the only sister in the Kardashian-Jenner clan who has not witnessed the miracle of childbirth yet. And now her family is hoping that the professional model finds a guy who makes her happy in life.

“Kylie’s so happy and in love with Travis (Scott) and she wants her sister to have the same thing. She’s very pro-relationship and can’t understand why Kendall is still single. She’s hoping Anwar will fix that,” revealed the source.

Kendall has never really been the kind of person who is super physical with her boyfriends in the past, so her falling all over Anwar comes as quite a surprise and shock to fans and followers.