'Ben Platt Live From Radio City Music Hall' showcases his immense range, leaves fans speechless

The new Netflix concert film showcases the last stop of Ben's soldout nationwide tour in support of his debut album 'Sing To Me Instead'

                            'Ben Platt Live From Radio City Music Hall' showcases his immense range, leaves fans speechless
Ben Platt (Netflix)

Netflix has just released the highly-anticipated concert film, 'Ben Platt Live From Radio City Music Hall', a thrilling show that features the Broadway star and singer-songwriter Ben Platt at his most heartfelt and flamboyant best. The show was taped at New York's historic Radio City Music Hall venue on September 29, 2019, and features the last gig of Ben Platt's sold-out nationwide tour.

The 26-year-old Platt and his backing crew of musicians and singers had embarked on the tour in support of his widely acclaimed 2019 debut album, 'Sing To Me Instead', which received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The album title is heard in the lines of the very first song we hear, as Ben Platt launches into an outstanding performance of his debut single 'Bad Habit' - "Everybody needs a friend, it's true / Someone to quiet the voices in my head / Make 'em sing to me instead, it's you."

As a Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winner, Ben Platt is a born entertainer and his outstanding, soaring voice really shines boldly and brightly throughout this 85-minute-long feature. Blessed with a rich vibrato and effortless range, the talented performer wrings the emotion out of each and every one of the 16 songs that feature on the setlist. And it's not just his sublime, but also heartfelt songs like 'Temporary Love', 'Honest Man', 'New', 'Ease My Mind', 'Grow As We Go' and 'Rain'.

Ben Platt also pays tributes to some of his favorite music icons throughout the concert, belting out some spectacular versions of Stevie Wonder, Brandi Carlile, and Elton John classics. He's also a ball of energy on stage, dancing with glee and unfettered abandon as he interacts with his audience and backing band with a mixture of joy and excitement. 


Thanks to his Netflix show 'The Politician' and his celebrated titular role in 'Dear Evan Hansen', we all know Ben Platt is a gifted actor. But as he admits to the audience in between songs, he actually is genuinely happy to not have to disguise himself for once - he's no longer hiding behind the persona of a scripted character. He's finally free to just be himself in front of people, and that is where the magic of this show lies.

Ben Platt revels in his new-found liberation, throwing himself into his performances and regaling the audiences with refreshingly candid stories that veer from silly and hilarious to profound and heartwarming. The singer also treated the viewers to moving song origin tales of loss and heartbreak, as well as love and optimism, themes that are reflected in his inspiring and captivating tracks.  

Ben Platt performs (Netflix)

The humble performer also pays tribute to his loving parents and family (he came out as gay to them aged 12), his backing band, the audience that came out to watch him, and his worldwide fanbase that made his 2019 such an incredibly successful year. The Netflix viewers who have been watching the concert film certainly thought highly of Ben Platt too, as evidenced by their comments on social media. 

"Currently watching @BenSPLATT sing and it’s the best thing since sliced bread," said one pleased fan. Another viewer declared, "Yes, I did stay up until midnight to watch Ben Platt’s Radio City concert special, and yes, I will be sobbing throughout. Go watch it now. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. I love you the most @BenSPLATT." As a pleased user observed - "Ben Platt singing his very queer album on a stage in front of so many people... a breath of fresh air."


A fervent fan exclaimed, "IM SO EXCITED, I STAYED UP TILL 3 AM FOR THIS." Another admirer fantasized, "Me pretending I'm actually in the audience of Ben Platt’s Netflix special in the middle of the night? Maybe." One excited supporter had a new favorite performance - "Ben Platt's HONEST MAN IS NOW MY NEW FAVORITE SONG I LOVE YOU."  

Plenty more viewers were being moved to tears by his performance, with one saying, "I LOVE U @BenSPLATT IM CRYING", another tweeting, "Ben Platt is so perfect 😭" and an inspired fan said, "Omg I’m so happy I get to relive this show as many times as I want now and it’s even more special for those that get to see it for the first time MY HEART IM SO EMOTIONAL." 

As one fan concluded, "@BenSPLATT I just watched your Live from Radio City Music Hall. I’m speechless and in awe of your performance. You left it all on that stage Ben and showed the world why we need a little music in our life now more than ever. Bravo! # legend"

Yet another loving fan said that Ben Platt deserved his own day, saying, "Ben Platt, I know you are never ever going to see this but I just wanted to say you are the most amazing, talented, gorgeous, humble person ever and I love how loving you are with your fans, so I just wanted to say happy #benplattday this day is dedicated to you @BenSPLATT." 

Ben Platt in concert (Netflix)

Here's a full setlist of the Radio City Music Hall concert below:

Bad Habit
Temporary Love
Honest Man
Hurt Me Once
The Joke (Brandi Carlile cover)
Share Your Address
Ease My Mind
Overjoyed (Stevie Wonder cover)
In Case You Don't Live Forever
Take Me to the Pilot (Elton John cover)
Grow as We Go
Encore: Run Away

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