"We miss you Ben": Kerry Needham speaks out on the 27th anniversary of her son Ben Needham's disappearance

The devastated mother spoke out on July 24 morning and pleaded that anyone with information to come forward to let the authorities know

                            "We miss you Ben": Kerry Needham speaks out on the 27th anniversary of her son Ben Needham's disappearance
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27 years ago, on July 24, 1991, Ben Needham went missing and the period since, as the family describes, has been like to live in 'torment.' Ben's mother Kerry Needham, 46, is pleading anyone, having information about her son, to come forward and help the family have at least some disclosure.

She posted on the Facebook page, Help Find Ben Needham, which is dedicated to finding her son: "We have been in torment for 27 years. Yes, life goes on…but it is not the life it should have been. We miss you, Ben." 

Ben, then 21-month-old, disappeared in Kos, an island in Greece.

In desperate attempts to find answers, as to where her beloved child may have gone, Kerry returned to the island many times but has been unable to find the truth behind his disappearance. Ever since, the toddler vanished, several attempts were made by family, police, and locals to try and locate him. Over the years, there have been several instances where people reported to have spotted a child, with a description similar to that of Ben, however, his exact location is still an on-going mystery.

As of today, Ben would be 29-years-old.

The post sparked a newfound desire within the community to try and reunite the missing child (Ben) with his family. Many users on the social media site expressed their sympathy for the family. A user by the name, Sharon Insull, said: "Every year I see the anniversary and my heart absolutely goes out to Kerry. Hope, one day, answers are found for the family," while another user, Tricia Molyneux, wrote: "This is as fresh in my mind as when it happened. Closure is needed for Kerry and her family."

"My heart goes out to you all, please let this family have the peace they deserve. Someone has the answer, help them to bring their beautiful boy home," wrote another user, Kath Darlington.

In 2012, a sandal, which reportedly Ben was wearing before he went missing, was found close to a farmhouse that was renovated by his grandparents. At the time, investigators suspected that Ben might have been dead (all this while). According to a report in Mirror, officers investigating the case believed that Ben may have been crushed to death by heavy machinery on the property came up.

The South Yorkshire Police released a statement saying: "Forensic work remains ongoing in relation to items brought back from Kos. This work is extremely detailed." Kerry Needham spoke of how she and the rest of the family have been "to hell and back" after the infamous case was reopened after there was a flurry of reports that Ben had been spotted.

Fortunately, the family at least has something to smile about these days after Ben's sister, Leighanna, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Aurora after the Disney Princess, in March this year.

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