Merle Haggard's son, Ben and his longtime girlfriend welcome baby boy after a complicated delivery

Jeyda Beyzade almost thought she wouldn't be able to see her son after being in labor for almost 35 hours! She described the experience as hard but most rewarding.

                            Merle Haggard's son, Ben and his longtime girlfriend welcome baby boy after a complicated delivery
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Singer-songwriter, Ben Haggard and his longtime girlfriend, Jeyda Beyzade, welcomed their son Liam James on June 29 after Beyzade experienced several complications. Ben announced the birth on Instagram posting a beautiful black and white picture of him cradling his son. The caption read, "Our lives changed for the better yesterday."

Jeyda Beyzade in a longish post on her Facebook page wrote about the traumas and the exhaustion after being in labor for almost 35 hours. She was initially suggested to get an epidural and be induced but she rejected the idea as she did not want her baby to have any drugs. She wrote: "This entire experience has been one of the hardest but yet most rewarding in my life. I am dealing with a lot of anxiety and trauma over the birth but I try to relive it every day because it was something so beautiful I try to remember all but also try to understand what happened. I thought I’d share my story and get it off my chest. As you all know I was in labor for about 35 hours naturally. I was exhausted and tried my best so I had to do the thing I dreaded most, I had to get an epidural and be induced. I really didn’t want it because I didn’t want the baby to have any drugs and I was up for a challenge and enjoy it the way nature intended but I didn’t have a choice."

She had to be rushed into surgery for an emergency C-section where she faced further complications. In her post, she mentions that she could feel the room fade away believing that she was dying. "I remember thinking, 'Ben's going to be on his own with this baby I’ll never get to hold or see,'" she writes. She managed to snap back to get a glimpse of her son and assured herself that he was alright. She wrote that she could hear Ben talking to her for the longest time and it was probably the love that they shared had brought her back from her unconscious state. 

She wrote: "I somehow snapped and saw the doctor lift him over the tarp and showed me my baby Liam. I thought ok I saw him.. he’s here.. he’s ok. They began stitching me up, and Ben keep talking to me the whole time. I could hear how scared he was.. and he kept telling me how much he loved me. I really believe that the love I heard from him and the love I have for my baby boy pulled me through. They handed baby Liam to Ben, I could hear Bens voice and I’ve never heard him so in awe... I was missing a moment I wouldn’t ever get back but I could hear. I said with all I had left, let me see my baby... they handed him to me and I was able to say hello. I was so weak I didn’t want to slip out and have something happen to him so they gave him back to Ben."

The couple who have been together for almost seven years shared their pregnancy journey along the way and announced the expansion of the family in November. Throughout their nine months long journey, Beyzade's photos were shared including a maternity photo shoot. The couple also paid homage to the legendary Merle Haggard (Ben's father) by placing his hat on her growing belly.