Are Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill OUT as Batman and Superman? 'The Flash' rumors create uproar

Rumors of the duo being phased out of the DC Universe are doing the rounds on social media

                            Are Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill OUT as Batman and Superman? 'The Flash' rumors create uproar
Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill as Batman and Superman in a still from the 'Justice League' (WB)

If the rumors that have swirled on Twitter are indeed true, then we might not see Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck suiting up as Superman and Batman again. Reports have suggested that both actors have been phased out of the DC Universe after social media comments from insiders who caught an early cut of the upcoming film, 'The Flash' starring Ezra Miller as the speedster. Grace Randolph, a film critic tweeted a string of thoughts saying the film is the final appearance from Affleck and features old footage of Cavill.

There were quite the spoilers coming in as well. He tweeted: "As I’ve told u, w/ update: #TheFlash Batfleck’s final appearance. Old footage of Cavill used on TV. New Justice League formed. Supergirl is the new Superman. Keaton working w/ Black Canary, picks Batgirl as new Batman. This is new DC, let’s be open-minded & give it a fair shot." Dovetailing with Randolph's comments was another Twitter account MyTimeToShineHello that said both the actors were gone and added that Zack Snyder's work would all be erased by the new movie.


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Is this the last of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in the DCEU?

Per Randolph's tweet, it does appear that the actors' characters will be scrubbed from the DCEU. With the tweet focusing on Supergirl and Batgirl (note, it's not Batwoman) as the two new replacements for the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, it seems their time is up. Affleck appeared in four movies as Batman within the DCEU, while Cavill starred in three.

The two shared screen space in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' and the 'Justice League'. In other reports, Cavill has reportedly expressed his interest to reprise his role at any time it was necessary. In an interview with Lorraine, he said, "I do still have the outfit," responding to being asked if the outfit is still in his closet. "Just in case, yes I do, yes I do. Ready and waiting for the phone call."

Mille will reprise his role as Barry Allen/The Flash. While Cavill will not be reprising his role as Superman/Clark Kent in the movie, Affleck is set to appear as his version of Bruce Wayne/Batman, and this will be his last outing as Batman. Also returning is Michael Keaton's version who will reprise his role from 1989's 'Batman' and 1992's 'Batman Returns'.

'The Flash' is slated to release on November 4. 2022.

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