Ana de Armas, whose net worth is $4M, dons $80 pants to walk pet pooch amid lockdown

Ana de Armas, whose net worth is $4M, dons $80 pants to walk pet pooch amid lockdown
Ana de Armas (Getty Images)

'Knives Out’ actress Ana de Armas is making sure she’s taking time off to walk her pet pooch, as she was recently spotted taking a stroll with her dog amid lockdown while clad in a pair of beige tank top and pants with her hair let loose. 

The Spanish Cuban actress, who is often seen sporting skinny jeans, chose a rather comfortable outfit as she stepped out on a sunny day. According to a website, her wide-legged high waist pants by Lou & Grey cost only $80, while the Kaia Leather Crossbody bag that was hanging by her side is worth $1490. 

Having been a part of successful films such as ‘Blade Runner 2049’ and ‘Knives Out’, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress, Armas is worth $4M, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

However, her journey to stardom wasn’t an easy ride. When she moved to Los Angeles in 2014, she had to start her career from scratch as she barely spoke English and didn’t want to play roles limited to Latina actresses. She starred opposite Keanu Reeves in her first Hollywood film ‘Knock Knock’ and gained popularity for featuring in films including ‘Exposed’ and ‘Yesterday’ and the latest ‘Sergio’. 

She has also been in the news for dating 47-year-old actor Ben Affleck, whom she met in 2019. Although they enjoy each other’s company and often take tours to different places, De Armas and Affleck are as supportive of each other’s career. 

Talking about working with him in their upcoming film 'Deep Waters' de Armas told People, “The first time we read the scenes together, it became pretty clear he was going to do something exceptional with a very complex role.”

However, since the production of the movies and shows has come to a halt due to the dire situation caused by the ongoing health crisis, the couple is spending time in isolation in Affleck’s Brentwood neighborhood. Meanwhile, Affleck basks in the net worth of $150M. 

De Armas also turned 32 on April 30 and took to Instagram to share a picture with her man, thanking fans for the wishes and love. She captioned it, "Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes and love! Cheers to another great year."


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