Who is Brent? A look at 'Below Deck' guest Tony Drewitt Barlow's love story with his cancer nurse

They met in 2020 and plan on welcoming a baby in 2022

                            Who is Brent? A look at 'Below Deck' guest Tony Drewitt Barlow's love story with his cancer nurse
Brent, Tony Drewitt-Barlow from 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' (Tony/ Instagram)

Roughly three years ago, Tony Drewitt-Barlow, one of the UK's first gay dads, was given 18 months to live. He was diagnosed with throat cancer decades ago, following which he underwent intense sessions of chemotherapy. Despite the timely medical attention "whole side of his face gone" daughter Saffron revealed. What followed was surgery, tons of medicines, and heartfelt prayers.

Tony survived and was recovering from the aftermath when the love and care from his loved ones healed him further. Years later, what brought him back on his feet was his cancer nurse, Brent, who went on to become his love interest. They met in 2020 and plan on welcoming a baby in 2022.  


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Brent comes across as a private person with a private social media account. However, Tony has always been in the limelight and rarely shies away from sharing updates from his life. A quick look at his Instagram feed will tell you he's in love and moved on from Barrie.

Brent has met his family and they spend a lot of time together. Intimate lunches to beach outings and occasional night outs - he is a regular at the Drewitt-Barlow events. To cut the long story short, Brent changed Tony's life in a way no one thought he would. It was a much-needed respite from the suffering that cancer brought with it.

"They've given him 18 months to live if he doesn't have the operation. If he has the op, there's a 50/50 chance he'll live," Saffron told The Sun and added: "We're all devastated. My Daddy (Barrie) never shows emotions but he is completely beside himself. I think Dad's glad that he's having it done so he can get on with his life. But he's sad that he has to have it at all. He's scared too."



Although their paths may have diverged, the former couple has continued to acknowledge each other's efforts into keeping the family together. Tony and Barrie live with their five kids, Saffron, Aspen, Orlando, and twins Dallas and Jasper. Barrie's fiance Scott R Hutchinson and their baby, Valentina, also stay in their Florida mansion.

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