‘Below Deck’ fans express their disgust on watching Tanner kiss Simone immediately after he threw up

'Below Deck' fans had a tough time watching Simone kiss Tanner immediately after he threw up .

                            ‘Below Deck’ fans express their disgust on watching Tanner kiss Simone immediately after he threw up
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Ever since we heard of Simone Mashile’s crush on her fellow ‘Below Deck’ crew member- Tanner Sterback, we couldn’t wait to see them get together. For weeks we waited with bated breath to see them both make a move, and finally, it happened! In episode 9, we saw the crew members go out for a party after successfully completing their charter.

Tanner had a little too much to drink and soon found himself in the washroom, puking his guts out. If you thought, he’d quietly go back to the yacht to get some rest, you couldn’t be more wrong. This deckhand finally made a move on Simone while he was totally intoxicated. They immediately began kissing in public. Under different circumstances, the fans would have cheered Tanner and Simone’s romance, but this time around they had to make do with trying not to throw up as they saw these two attractive people go at it.
The fact that Tanner immediately stuck his tongue down Simone’s throat after he was vomiting and didn’t even clean up has left fans feeling disgusted. In fact, even while they were kissing, there were vomit stains on Tanner’s shirt. A fan tweeted, “Tanner did NOT just fucking puke and then kiss Simone!! #BelowDeck”. Another fan wrote, “Tanner still had wet puke on his shirt and he starts making out with Simone? #belowdeck I’m about to #vom myself here”. “I 100% just covered my mouth as a stifled my disgust when Simone kissed that vomit-tainted mouth on Tanner. #belowdeck”, commented another disgusted fan.



Fans were left wondering if Simone didn’t smell Tanner’s puke in his breath while kissing him. A fan shared, “Did Tanner really just throw up and then go and make out with Simone? Did she not smell the puke on his breathe?! #belowdeck”. “Aside from the nausea-inducing fact that Tanner made out with Simone immediately after pukin' his guts out, it is beyond repugnant that he would so vulgarly and gleefully share the intimate details of his liaison with her. #BelowDeck”, observed a fan. Another fan labeled the scene as the “grossest thing on TV”. “Simone kissing Tanner after he barfed is one of the grossest things on TV. Also, did he just get interested in her, bc she was kind of a sure thing & Kate was work? This is no offense to Simone, just that she crushed on him #BelowDeck”, wrote the fan. “Wait, Did Tanner Throw Up AND Then Kiss Simone? Gross! What A Sloppy Drunk #BelowDeck”, pointed out a fan.
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