'Below Deck': Will chef Rachel be back on show? Kate Chastain says she's not surprised by her behavior

Chef Rachel was more than ready to leave the yacht over an exhaustive preference sheet

                            'Below Deck': Will chef Rachel be back on show? Kate Chastain says she's not surprised by her behavior
Kate Chastain, Rachel Hargrove (Bravo)

Rachel Hargrove's rage-quit speech has landed her in trouble among viewers who once held her in high regard for the professionalism she brought to the table. She's honest and a perfectionist who knows the science behind food all too well. In a nutshell, Rachel's a passionate chef who enjoys her time in the galley thoroughly.

But something changed and she was more than ready to leave the yacht mid-season. Captain Lee Rosbach tried reasoning with her, asked if she could stick around for the first day's lunch and dinner at least. But Rachel couldn't be convinced. She packed her bags and left. 

Her departure filled the crew members with concerns about how they would tackle the next charter. Captain Lee was at his wit's end and seemed like he was sure of canceling the charter. If he did, it would be a first. He has never had chefs walk out on him and that has him worried. And to find Rachel's replacement on such short notice is another issue altogether.

While the fans seem to wonder if Chef Ben Robinson will fill in for Rachel, former chief stewardess Kate Chastain dropped hints during a recently aired episode of 'Watch What Happens Live' that there's a chance Rachel might be back to save the charter. Kate said there were three other times when Rachel decided to quit and came back the day after. Will this be the fourth time Rachel pulls a surprise? Time will tell.


For now, it seems like she is gone for good, given how emotionally distraught she has been over not being able to be with her boyfriend, Vincenzo. In the previous week's episode, we saw her mention him quite a few times, and each time she said how he would always take care of her. The couple even got on a phone call, which left Rachel even more drained especially knowing that Italy (where Vincenzo lives) has been struck by the pandemic and that he won't be able to be there with her for some time. 

Here's hoping, she is able to work things out and be back in time for the next charter. Catch all the new episodes of 'Below Deck' Season 8 on Bravo every Monday at 9/8c. For more information, check your local listings.

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