'Below Deck': Shane Coopersmith seems determined to learn, but Eddie Lucas is limiting his opportunities

Shane left the laz door open once and now is not trusted with work

                            'Below Deck': Shane Coopersmith seems determined to learn, but Eddie Lucas is limiting his opportunities
Eddie Lucas, Shane Coopersmith (Bravo)

Shane Coopersmith has been on his bosun, Eddie Lucas, Captain Lee Rosbach and his team's radar ever since he took a nap in between work. Although it never occurred to Shane that it could be an issue, Isabelle 'Izzy' Wouters pointed out to him that he needs to step it up. Since then, Shane has been more than eager to learn, train and give in his 100 percent to any work he is being delegated. 

In this week's episode of 'Below Deck', Shane asks questions and how he can make himself useful while others work. Izzy and James Hough discuss how they are annoyed by Shane's constant inquiries while Eddie says that he is trying to not make Shane work because he needs things to be done correctly. 

Meanwhile, Shane, in his confessional, admitted that he has been in such situations before especially when he was studying at the University of Berkeley and was able to "dig himself out" of the mess. But that is probably not going to be enough because in the preview of the December 7 episode we saw how he was called to the bridge to have a chat with Captain Lee and Eddie to possibly assess his performance. 

Last week, he left the laz door open, which left Eddie and the Captain shocked because someone could have stolen the water toys out of the garage. The bosun was shocked to see Shane going about his business as if nothing had happened. The Captain even called him "dumbass" secretly for owing up to his mistake. 

This is not the first time that he has slipped up or treated his job casually. During the first charter, when he was supposed to be helping out his team clean the deck and ensure that everything was proper, he was busy replacing plastic straws at the bar with recyclable ones because he is someone who believes in restoring and preserving nature. While Eddie was appreciative of his intent, he instantly knew his work was cut out for him.

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