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'Below Deck': Is there sexual tension between Eddie and Rachel? Fans wonder after she spends more time with him

Eddie assured Rachel that he would always be there for her no matter what
Eddie Lucas, Rachel Hargrove (Bravo)
Eddie Lucas, Rachel Hargrove (Bravo)

Yachting can be tough. It is demanding and requires the crew to be on their toes 24/7, which is why they need to let loose and catch a break after every charter ends. That was exactly what the team was doing in this week's episode of 'Below Deck.' It started out as a great evening but quickly spiraled out of control when Rachel Hargrove began crying and looking visibly upset about not being able to be around her boyfriend, Vincenzo.

She grew really agitated and began using inappropriate language when Elizabeth Frankini said she was so confused about her working relationship with Francesca Rubi. "You suck it up, motherf**ker," Rachel said. It may have been her way of encouraging Elizabeth but Eddie Lucas thought it was very "combative." 

As they returned to the yacht Rachel straight away went into Eddie's cabin, slept on his bunk for a while said if she could exchange cabins and stay with him instead because she has been experiencing some issues with Francesca, possibly referring to the latter's incessant complaints about her team members. Eddie assured Rachel that he would always be there for her no matter what. 

Meanwhile, fans think there's a "sexual tension" between Rachel and Eddie. "I just feel like there is some sexual tension between rachel & eddie???" a fan wondered while another shared: "That drunk sexual chemistry, yes. She just wants make affection since she can’t be with her boyfriend. I’d advise her to stop drinking. #BelowDeck." "So, Kate has known Chef Rachel for years...has Eddie known her longer too? #BelowDeck," a fan tweeted.  




However, Rachel seems too invested in her boyfriend, Vincenzo, with whom she had a chat during which she learned about how the pandemic hit Italy. During the call, she even requested him if he can fly to where she was and be with her for some time. It was evident she was missing him. Even during her confessional, she shared how he takes care of her all the time. Will she leave the charter because of him? Time will tell.

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