'Below Deck': Why did Elizabeth Frankini mix bleach with soap? Viewers want her fired for creating 'mustard gas'

'She LITERALLY created a TOXIC environment to work in,' a fan commented

                            'Below Deck': Why did Elizabeth Frankini mix bleach with soap? Viewers want her fired for creating 'mustard gas'
Elizabeth Frankini (Bravo)

The My Seanna crew is in a fix trying to figure what is making them dizzy and hungover. It could be that they are simply tired and have nothing to do with the plausible "mustard gas" that someone seems to have cooked up in the laundry with bleach and soap. And all eyes are on Elizabeth Frankini, despite Ashling Lorger being in charge of the laundry. At least, that is what fans seem to think. Most fans seem convinced that she whipped up a chemical of war on the yacht.

"Elizabeth created a CHEMICAL OF WAR in the laundry room. MUSTARD GAS??? #BelowDeck," a fan tweeted, while another shared: "Not only is there a pandemic but Elizabeth also brought back mustard gas from World War II (sic). 2020 is wild. #BelowDeck." Mustard gas was introduced in World War I (not WWII) and used as a chemical weapon.

"Elizabeth made MUSTARD GAS?? #BelowDeck," another user pointed out.  "OMG Elizabeth mixes bleach and soap in the next episode? FIRE HER. She LITERALLY created a TOXIC environment to work in. What she did is hazardous to everyone's health! #BelowDeck," a user posted.




However, it's too soon to call Elizabeth out because in the preview, the crew is still trying to understand what's getting them sick. While James Hough repeats himself and talks excessively while cleaning the deck, Francesca says she wants to take a break because she's nauseating. Is that the chemical agent talking or are they hungover from the partying they did the night before? Time will tell. 

In other news, if Elizabeth is really the one who created that hell-ish concoction then she would have a lot of explaining to do especially after the previous week's session with Francesca where she listed all the things Elizabeth did wrong after committing to it. This left Elizabeth upset and she complained about her boss' leadership skills to Eddie Lucas and Isabelle 'Izzy' Wouters. Francesca too wasn't far behind with her concerns when she couldn't stop about how Elizabeth's unable to take directions. 

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