'Below Deck' Season 8 Episode 9 Spoilers: Did Izzy and Elizabeth leave Francesca Rubi friendless and in tears?

Francesca Rubi's second breakdown moment came when she found out she was alone on the yacht

                            'Below Deck' Season 8 Episode 9 Spoilers: Did Izzy and Elizabeth leave Francesca Rubi friendless and in tears?
Izzy Wouters, Francesca Rubi, Elizabeth Frankini (Bravo)

The friction between chief stewardess Francesca Rubi and second stew Elizabeth Frankini is palpable. They have not been on the same page since the word, go. And no one is really making the effort to arrive at a mid-point where they can agree with each other. It's been a blame game since the season began. 

In this week's episode of 'Below Deck', Francesca began nitpicking by commenting on Elizabeth's wine-pouring style. Later, she called her out for staying up late working around the yacht. But Elizabeth forgetting to bring down the decorative lights served as the final nail on the coffin. Francesca went to Captain Lee Rosbach with a bag of complaints and how Elizabeth has not been efficient enough and was possibly secretly hoping that he would agree to fire her this late in the season. Although, it cannot be confirmed if he really considered the option of replacing Elizabeth, but chances look slim at this point. 

Meanwhile, Elizabeth found a friend in Isabelle 'Izzy' Wouters, with whom she often shares her thoughts and feelings about working under Francesca. Because Izzy was once a part of the interior team, she agrees with most of the things Elizabeth has had to say about the chief stew. Unfortunately, Francesca caught them twice talking behind her back about how "mean" she has been. Izzy didn't hesitate to call her names. 

Although Francesca comes with an impressive background and years of experience in yachting, one always looks forward to a healthy and smooth working environment, which sadly was slipping away from her. She cries inconsolably in her confessional while saying that usually, any crew that works a season ends up being a family, people develop meaningful friendships that last a lifetime, but that is sadly not the case with the My Seanna team because "they" see her as a "bitchy, mean" person. Francesca seems at the end of her tether but what could have possibly pushed her to the edge? Was it Izzy and Elizabeth's perception of her? Time will tell. 

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