'Below Deck Sailing Yacht': Adam Glick's almond milk panna cotta turns a butt of jokes for vegan guests

Adam was nervous when he had drawn up a vegan menu because that wasn't his area of expertise

                            'Below Deck Sailing Yacht': Adam Glick's almond milk panna cotta turns a butt of jokes for vegan guests
Adam Glick (Bravo)

'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' has delivered yet another interesting episode, which focusses on how much hard work the crew — Captain Glenn Shephard, Jenna MacGillivray, Adam Glick, Madison Stalker, Georgia Grobler, Paget Berry, Ciara Duggan, Byron Hissey, Parker McCown — put in to ensure the charter guests have a good time.

On the surface, this may look like an easy job but there are lots of factors that are taken into consideration before a crew can say they've successfully hosted their guests.

While Paget and Ciara take rounds on the deck to make sure the vessel has been maintained and functioning smoothly at all times, Jenna coordinates with Georgia and Madison for laundry, housekeeping, serving, cleaning and such. But those areas were taken care of properly. In this week's episode, food was a major challenge because a part of the group that was on board were vegans and Adam had limited expertise in dishing vegan delicacies.

He was anxious as he created the special menu for the next few days. However, he was able to serve dishes that the guests will remember for a long time to come — roasted portobello mushrooms, tempered asparagus, spice-roasted chickpeas, Thai lemongrass and ginger soup, panna cotta and authentic Greek salad with tall glasses of rose on the side. 

Initially, there were glitches as the guests began trolling Adam's food. For the dessert, he garnished the panna cotta with raspberries that were stuffed with blueberries, but the guests found it hilarious and started making jokes about it, which Jenna found rude. She didn't want to discourage Adam and so subtly let him know that they were being mean about their food because of all the alcohol they had in them. 

Meanwhile, fans are sympathizing with the chef on social media. 

"I totally get Adam’s problem with the Vegans (I mean, Oy, I can’t even deal) but as a chef with years of experience, shouldn’t Adam have a vegan game plan by now that doesn’t involve throwing them over the side of the boat? #BelowDeckSailing," a viewer wrote.

Another shared: "Oh poor Adam they’re vegans  #Uh oh. Eating preferences are all over the place. Good luck Adam!! #BelowDeckSailing." 

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