'Below Deck' Finale: Did Paget just confess his love for Georgia? Fans say it's evident the 'douche' wants her

'Below Deck' Finale: Did Paget just confess his love for Georgia? Fans say it's evident the 'douche' wants her
Georgia Grobler, Paget Berry (Bravo)

Bravo aired the finale episode of 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' this week. Over 17 weeks, the crew entertained charter guests and viewers alike with their services and pot-stirring tendencies, respectively.

And the tradition continued even as they served the final group of charter guests, especially Georgia Grobler, who almost created a wedge between Paget Berry and Ciara Duggan. On Ciara's birthday, Georgia told her that she had feelings for Paget. It was a few seconds laced with awkwardness, guilt and tension. Ciara said she knew about it and didn't say a word to Georgia and that offended her because, in her head, it meant Ciara never considered her competition enough and was probably never scared to lose Paget to Georgia. 

A fan had the perfect explanation as to why Ciara couldn't care less about the situation at hand: "Ciara and Paget are just very settled and complacent. They’ve hit that comfort zone. Not to mention it’s convenient. I feel like Ciara is like 'he’ll come around eventually... hopefully'. As Paget calls himself Georgia's number one fan while she plays his favorite song on the guitar, fans implied that he may be fighting his feelings for Georgia. This is because he said he couldn't have gotten together with her in this life because he's with Ciara. "In this life I could have never had, obviously, acted on that," Paget told Georgia as she wiped her tears. 

In his green room interview, Paget shared that he couldn't fathom what Georgia must have gone through because underneath that funny exterior lies a sensitive person who is sharing all her feelings and emotions on the last day of charter. He did put out a request for those who are only genuinely interested in Georgia because she deserves someone who would treat her right. "Paget loves the attention from Georgia and obviously wants her too... him and Georgia are so out of line. Ciara needs to drop Paget... she could do way better! #BelowDeck #BelowDeckSailing," a fan expressed, while another shared: "Wow why is Paget talking to Georgia alone... Ciara you deserve to be treated better! #BelowDeckSailing."

"All I heard Paget say is, "I settled for Ciara. If I knew I could get someone like you years ago, Georgia, I would have picked you," a user tweeted. "Okay y’all if I was Ciara I would have a. Knocked Georgia the eff out and b. Left that douche immediately," another posted.

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