'Below Deck': Glenn labeled 'worst captain' for not calling out Adam and Jenna as they skip work and snuggle

Glenn did not realize that Jenna had been missing from her duty and even when he did, he did not do much about it

                            'Below Deck': Glenn labeled 'worst captain' for not calling out Adam and Jenna as they skip work and snuggle
Glenn Shephard, Adam Glick, Jenna MacGillivray (NBCU)

Adam Glick and Jenna MacGillivray's afternoon nap time stole the limelight in today's episode of 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht.' While Adam had wrapped up work, Jenna excused herself from service and snuggled with him instead. While the two spent quality time, Madison Stalker and Captain Glenn Shephard attended to the charter guests' needs. 

An hour into it, Glenn realized what had gone wrong and decided to check with Ciara Duggan and Madison about the status of internal service. Ciara clearly shared that Jenna often takes time out to be with Adam and that has impacted the team.

"She has put Madison (Stalker) on service and laundry so she can go take a nap with Adam. Jenna spends more time on Adam's lap than she does on service," Ciara told Glenn, who then turns to Madison to hear her side of the story. 

Even though Jenna has been harsh on Madison throughout the season, she was kind enough to not vent all that pent-up frustration in her review of Jenna. She said all she was looking forward to was a good end to the season with their final charter. 

After the guests left, Glenn called on the team for a quick debriefing session as per usual. But this time, he commented on the service and how it has dropped in recent times. Jenna couldn't take the criticism and gossiped with Adam about how Glenn does nothing but sit on his laptop. "I'm just controlling my rage," Jenna said and added that Glenn should have shared instances where he thought the service fell short. 

Meanwhile, fans raised doubts on Glenn's skills as the captain of the yacht, say he is the "worst captain" for allowing Jenna and Adam to have their way. 

"Wow Glenn, welcome to Parsifal III, the boat you’re the captain of. I’m not sure how you’ve missed the unprofessional soul sucking mess in the galley for 5 weeks, but that’s Jenna, your chief stew. #betterlatethannever #belowdecksailingyacht #belowdecksailing," a fan commented, while another shared: "Glenn is the worst captain in the Below deck series not confronting bad crew behavior including Padget and Georgia and and Jenna and Adam.! #belowdecksailing."

"I’m not understanding how Jenna and Adam are so comfortable with making out with their boss two feet away?!?! Glenn speak up! You can be the cool guy, but be a boss! #belowdecksailing," a viewer shared. "This slag got some nerve! Angry for being called out for your own laziness? And let's be clear, Glenn noticed , no one ratted you out, lady. Although they should have. #BelowDeckSailing," another pointed out. 

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