'Below Deck': Did Jenna lie about drugs to divert Glenn's attention from her and Adam's PDA? Fans think so

Jenna tells Glenn that one of the guests has been doing drugs but fans aren't convinced the story is genuine

                            'Below Deck': Did Jenna lie about drugs to divert Glenn's attention from her and Adam's PDA? Fans think so
Adam Glick, Jenna MacGillivray, Glenn Shephard (Bravo)

Looks like 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' saved up on some real drama for its penultimate episode. Jenna MacGillivray was serving the guests dinner when Chris Miller called her to share that he had seen "white powder" under Billy's (one of the charter guests) nose. She acknowledged the information with a simple response: "Yeah, they are all f***ing high."

In her green-room interview, Jenna said how they could all be in trouble if they didn't inform Glenn Shephard, the captain, now and waited for the drugs to be found. She escalated the matter the next morning and Glenn was surprised because if it were true, having drugs on board could have serious implications for the crew and their careers. "Any suspicion of drugs on board is a very serious thing. Obviously, it has to be investigated and yeah, I could lose my license, the boat could be confiscated, I could go to jail. So, yeah you have to take it seriously," Glenn shared on 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen' a few weeks ago. 

However, Glenn didn't want to take Jenna's word for it and kept asking her questions to understand if she and Chris are certain that it was drugs that Billy had on his nose and not makeup. He even woke up Chris to see if Jenna's story checks out, and it did. And that pushed him to conduct a random search in Billy's room. 

Meanwhile, fans think Jenna made up the drug story so that the focus is off her and Adam Glick. As the crew prepared for the next charter, Glenn called Jenna to give her a heads up about her and Adam's PDA was impacting the overall performance of the crew. "Part of me feels that the awful Jenna MacGillvray is bringing up the drugs to take the heat off her and her shitty attitude and her being awful at her job #FireJenna #BelowDeckSailing," a fan commented, while another shared: "So Jenna found nothing wrong with guests having and doing drugs until Chris said something. Now, she's concerned... about herself. #belowdecksailing."

"#BelowDeckSailing is so boring I think they manufacturer a drug storyline to keep it interesting. #BelowDeckSailingYacht," a user posted. "I'll say it now: No drugs will be found on board. Let's see! #BelowDeckSailing," another viewer expressed. 

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